The bittersweet weekend.

Here’s the “sweet” part of my weekend last week. (Read about the “bitter” part here ). We spent our Saturday last week like it was 07.24.2011 again( Shopping x Chilis x Movie). I’ve realized that I was not able to blab about that day, (not that I need to LOL) I would’ve cared less but being refreshed by lovely memories makes it hard for me not to post some snippets about it,so I’ve decided to start this entry from the past.

First time I wore that dress 🙂

Dinner at Chili’s Powerplant with the family 🙂

The only food photo that I have from that night! Which explains why I did not bother on posting an entry about that day. haha

Steak x Grilled Chicken x Shrimps – One of our favorites in Chili’s 🙂

One of our silly pictures that night!

P.S. The reason why I realized about the similarities of 07.24.2011 and 02.04.2012

We ended that day by watching the second installment of Harry Potter 7!  One of the best movies EVER! I remember missing it already right after I stepped out of the movie house! 🙁


We had dinner in Chili’s Powerplant again last 02.04.2012. My family and I loves to try new restaurants every time we go out, but since we have already tried most of the restaurants in Powerplant already,we decided to dine in Chili’s again.

My new looove! The weekend bake fair in Rockwell always excites me! There are lots of good finds every week! 🙂

Chicken Quesadilla

My siblings and I love this! The onions are caramelized perfectly, not too mushy and not signs of bitterness!

I love smothering it with hot sauce, tomatoes and sour cream! YUM

We love having salad as one of our starters 🙂 Too bad I forgot to upgrade this salad with stir-fried mushrooms 🙁 It would’ve been perfect..again 😐

Grilled Pork Chops

I loved the mashed potato and gravy that comes with it!  Chili’s gravy is really perfect for their Southwestern food! )

Remo’s Oldtimer. 

He finished his meal in less than 10 minutes! Big meal for someone who has a huge appetite.. TABA!

Chicken Crispers

My boring sister ordered this. This originally comes with french fries, but since have a lot of FF left-overs every time we dine in a restaurant like Chili’s, I’ve decided to upgrade the fries to a fully-loaded mashed potatoes. It was a good move cause it was awesomely loaded with cheese and bacon! YUM!

My boring sister (again) did not like the honey-mustard  dressing that came with her meal,so I asked for a cup of hot gravy.. *totally craving for Chili’s gray NOW*

Fajita Trio

Steak x Grilled Chicken x Shrimps.. this one is very hard o resist every time we are in Chili’s! Awesome babies in one plate! YUM

Guacamole, Pico De Gallo, Sour Cream and Cheese

I love paring every meal with this! Very refreshing and add extra texture in every bite 🙂

Clams in Oyster Sauce from Banana Leaf

Stir fried Kangkong

My Dad loves Banana Leaf,so every time we are in Rockwell, he orders in from Banana Leaf wherever we are eating! 🙂

Mi parents <3

Mi Sissy and I

Wish I could say the other word that comes with this every time we kid around, but it would be too offending so I’d just settle with “wattup” HAHAHA LOL

CBTL before heading to the movie house! 🙂 Ze boys with Mudak! =))

We wanted to watch “The Darkest Hour” but there was no schedule for that movie that day. Since we all love Liam Neeson, we decided to go for this movie instead.

The movie is not something you would really enjoy with the family, but Liam Neeson gave life to it. If it was another actor, the movie will be dead in just days after it’s premiere. I had weird realizations during the movie, one of which is that I am grateful that Philippines is a tropical country. I never wished for snow to happen in the Philippines cause that’s what makes our country more special, the diversity of the weather from big countries like USA. Also, snow is something the we look forward in experiencing when we travel, having it in the Philippines will make travelling and life a little less exciting (though I know there are still lots of reasons to be excited about).


What I wore: Pink x Green/Teal x Black

Top: Seventh Sreet

Bandage Skirt: Pink Manila

I love this necklace from the Vintage Chick!

2 of my favorite rings! 🙂

L: Parfois

R: Yhansy’s

both bought in Diva, Singapore (2011)


The awesome finds:

Topshop / Topman day with the fambam! 🙂 <3 One looty for each one of us! 🙂

How amazing it is to have a shopaholic Dad! 🙂

I fell in love with this instantly! Everything about it is PERFECT! I just couldn’t look for anything else when I had my hands laid on it! Heehee <3

Just because I love bangles and gold accessories! <3 🙂

One of the best Nail polish brands!:)

Bought this for my sister..and in return (not that she has to…)

But since she is sweet like that,she bought me on of my favorite desserts of all time from Sweet Life by Ange! <3 <3 <3

One of the best coconut macaroons that I have tasted! Very gooey inded!! <3

She bought cupcakes from all of us too!

We both loved the packaging! Very Juicy Couture like! <3 🙂

Tell me how to get rid of this swollen cheek fast please?


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