Weekend on the road

Life has been continuously amazing to me since I came back from Cebu last year! 🙂 I never ran out of stories to tell (which makes my desktop an epitome of backlogs) because every weekend has been truly amazing and memorable for me 🙂

Last Saturday (02.11.2012), my family and I drove to Subic for a weekend trip. I couldn’t translate into words how glad my entire soul was during the trip 🙂

02.11.2012: Breakfast

My Dad loves having breakfast in Cafe France (former Dulcinea) when heading North, and this gets me excited every time! I love how stop-overs in the express way makes me feel that I am really on a road trip! 🙂

It was a beautiful morning! The sun shines beautifully while we were having breakfast – something that I love about life 🙂 Breakfast + Sun <3

02.11.2012 – Number 11 🙂 #SorryButItMadeSenseToMe hahaha! :))

Favorite number of my bestfriend and I!! <3

Having something really cold every morning is something that I have gotten used to since my molar extraction! 🙂

Grape Shake <3

I am still having a hard time chewing, I always end up in pain every time I do so. I keep the “chewing” minimal by consuming small amount of solid food in a day.

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche – I love ordering Cafe France’s quiche every time I’ll be departing in NAIA 2 or 3 🙂

c/0 Chella

Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Set

Breakfast Deluxe

Chicken Macaroni Salad

While the rest of my family enjoyed their respective breakfast meals, I’ve devoured myself with fresh fruits and orange juice (hoping that the viamins in those would help speed up the healing of my wound lol )

c/o Chella

c/o Chella

Mama and I couldn’t resist the quirky shoe store! <3 Bought these wedges for such a steal price!!! <3

We always stay in Subic Holiday Villas every time we are in Subic! 🙂 We used to stay in Legenda when we were younger but the system and service changed as time went by. 🙁

It’s quite disappointing though that the room that was reserved for us was not fully prepped when we arrived (maybe because we checked-in really early – ? ). The homey atmosphere and convenience of the location of the hotel made us one of their regular guests 🙂

Next stop: Lunch in Lagoon 🙂 Stay with me, will you?:)

Happy Hearts day in advance,

R <3

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