Subic: Southern Flair in Texas Joe’s House of Ribs

For our dinner in Subic last 02.11.2012, we once again pigged out with some Southern flair! 🙂 Texas Joes has one of the most inviting exteriors along Subic Bay. The whole restaurant screams of “Indiana Jones”, from the menu to the servers’ uniform. The only lacking to this restaurant is some vibrant music that will really set up the mood of the guests 🙂

The interior of the restaurant speaks for the name itself! 🙂 I love restaurants that are beautifully designed! 🙂

It is not unusual to me to start my meal with a dessert! Why wait,right?:)

Chocolate Cream Pie

This was AWESOME! Very light and creamy! NOMNOMNOM

The restaurant has a low yellow lighting,so all of my phoos during our dinner were very yellow! Glad I “played” with my camera and discovered some cool features such as quick retouching/editing! Yay! 🙂

Iced Coffee

They serve the milk and syrup on the side. Nice! 🙂

We always love to start off fresh! 🙂

Nothing really special, but plus points for serving all ingredients fresh! 🙂

c/o Renzo

Chicken Quesadilla

Will definitely order this again and again and again! 🙂 The chicken was tender and they were very generous with the cheese! 🙂

Buffalo Bites

My brother Remo ordered this, but I had to finish it cause it was too hot for the rest of our family! 🙁

I liked how tender the chicken was and how the hotness overpowers the tangy flavor of the dish 🙂

Since everyone was very excited to dig in, I was only able to take photos from afar 🙁 Please appreciate my labeling! (HAHAHA)

We had 2 sets of this enormous meat set! 🙂 I forgot what it’s called (don’t hate me please LOL) But it was a plate full of awesomeness! Tender grilled steak, very flavorful pork ribs and a beautifully grilled and seasoned chicken! 🙂

I swear I did not mind my aching gums, I couldn’t resist these!! 😛 Everything becomes more perfect with sour cream + Pico De Gallo!! <3 OMGGG drooling right now!! 🙂

A huge slab of their house ribs! 🙂 Just because my brother loves pork ribs very much!

We ordered corn bread (no picture) and this – banana conrmeal bread as some of our sides! 🙂

Plus points for serving it warm! 🙂

What also makes our TJ dining experience memorable was their sauces! Smothering my food with their sauces makes every pain (gum pain) worth it! 🙂 <3

Hahahaha! Daddy’s favorite pose :p

Remo’s future figure 😛

Pool table near the entrance! Makes the ambiance scream of “fun”.

We always end our meal with Korean Ice Cream when in Subic!! <3 <3 <3

Shin Mart is our to-go place for Korean Ice Creams! <3

SHV at night 🙂

*Still trying to learn how to use my camera haha

All that my Dad and I could do was to laugh at him when he fell… HAHAHA

3 Korean Ice Creams for ze pig!


4 posts to go before this weekend is over!

R <3

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