17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

02.12.2012: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga

Here’s a photo diary of my favorite photos from our memorable family day in Clark, Pampanga 🙂

Watching kids fly their kites reminded me of how my Dad and my Uncle would take us to the park and show us how to fly a kite 🙂

Love this photo of my sister 🙂 I love how the kites look like they are flying over her head. :))

Marriage proposal to a girl names “Ellan” (?)

Seeing these air crafts took my entire soul straight to cloud 9! <3


My sister’s hands! 🙂 haha

c/o Chella

There were a lo of people and cameras in front of us! :))

Photos by my sister 🙂



The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is an event that Filipinos look forward to every February – specially family and couples. It was our family’s first time to attend and it was indeed memorable. BUT what will really pull this event down in the future is not the weather, but rather the lack of cleanliness in the whole location. There were garbage everywhere,NO CLEAN SPOT AT ALL! It’s really disappointing how irresponsible people can be when it comes to throwing their trash/es! The photos above were just 2 of the eyesores during the affair and it really pissed me off every time I see someone throw their junk so easily on the ground. There should be more and organized disposals next year! Roaming around with wastes on the ground makes the experience less fun 🙁 SERIOUSLY!

TV Patroler – Bayan Mo, Patrol Mo #Chot,

R <3

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