Aling Lucing

02.12.2012: Dinner – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Continuation

Since the weather was not that friendly for the hot air balloon event, we decided to leave early. One thing that I was really excited about this trip was going back to Aling Lucing’s. I honestly do not mind eating anywhere else in Pampanga but Aling Lucing because of their famous sisig.

It is a quaint restaurant – carinderia in Pampanga that is worth the long trip!

We arrived there at around 6:30PM and most of their food were almost sold out! If it weren’t because of my parents’ convincing “skills” we wouldn’t have gotten a plate of grilled chicken and last 4 servings of sisig.

Wish I was there when Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to Aling Lucing’s! How awesome is it to have a foreign Chef visit a local restaurant? Much more a restaurant that is not located in the Metro! Just WOW – and yeah that’s how good Aling Lucing’s sisig is! Even Anthony Bourdain said so 😛

I love pairing grilled Filipino food with tomatoes, grilled eggplant and shrimp paste (bagoong)

Their “side dish combo” served with buro.

All of my food pictures came out blurry unfortunately! 

The best sisig I have ever tasted (so far). No seasonings nor egg needed!

We all loved how tender and grilled perfectly the chicken was! Nom nom nom

We ended our trip to Pampanga with a simple dinner! Dining in Aling Lucing makes our family trip worth remembering because of the local fare that we had. It made us all feel the essence of going on an “out of town trip”.


Discovered a new drink from Fruitas when we stopped at the gasoline station! Melon yogurt drink… YES PLEASE!

R <3

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