Sweet(er) Celebration in Cafe Breton <3

My family and I went to Cafe Breton to make the sweetest day of the year sweeter. Since my parents and I were 2 hours late in picking up my sister from UST, we made her choose where to eat. For someone who is not really into “food” slash picky eater, Cafe Breton is the perfect place to go to. 🙂

Disclaimer: Most of the photos looks grainy and a dark. I was playing with my camera that day and forgot how to put it back to its normal state resulting to me resetting it. Haha :)) Noob.

Cafe Breton has a “country” style interior! Very laid back and warm 🙂

Vanilla Shake x Chocolate Shake x Mango Shake

Chella’s Crepe: Nutella x Vanilla Ice Cream x Condensed Milk

No one can ever go wrong with Nutella! 🙂 Free chocolate heart since it was Valentine’s Day 🙂

 Salad Bretonne

Since my parents and I were still full from our sumptuous lunch at Villa Cafe, We decided to go for something light.


I love mangoes and shrimp on salads! It goes well with the light flavor of the greens 🙂

Chicken Run

Open-faced sandwich served with salad. I love how this meal is smothered with veggies!The chicken was a bit dry though 🙁

Renzo’s Galette Americain

Sunny-side up egg x Beef Patty x Mushroom Sauce x Mushrooms x Tomato Provencal

The mushroom sauce was not cooked through. It was a bit grainy because of the flour. Eek 😐

Renzo’s Mango Crepe with Bubblegum Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce

Klariz/Remo’s: Sausage in a Bun

Klariz/Remo’s Breton Mozzarella Burger


Since the night was still young, we headed to Bubble Tea for some milk tea fix.

Hot Matcha Milk Tea with Egg Pudding on the side for me! 🙂

Caution: Crazy slash A-face photos below :)) 

My Sissy and I played with our brother’s Jeje A-face on Daddy’s iPad! :)))))

Whahahahahaha one of our many favorites! Still makes me LMAO!! :)))

“He’s everywhere” “behind ze flowers”

Yummy revel bar? :))))))))

So happy that my brother and Klariz spent the day with us! 🙂

Parentals <3


Valentine’s Dinner Outfit

Wore red x floral skirt to radiate with the sweet air of LOVE <3

Borrowed this red top from my Mom 🙂

Paired it with my floral skirt from Zara 🙂

ANNOYING hand shot lol :)) “Pang-asar” according to my sister! :))

Red x Black accessories! 🙂


Just a few more days…mixed emotions 😐

R <3

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