BAGUIO’12: Solibao

Backlog: 02.24.2012 – Dinner

Here’s the second installment for our first day in Baguio 🙂 I am really out of words right now, this sore throat is becoming too viral that my whole body is starting to reject everything that I want to do! I just hope this entry will end nicely.

Modest fireplace in The Manor Suites! 🙂

c/o Chella

Blogging about this is suicide to me actually! Looking at these photos makes me miss everything about my life in the Philippines! Especially the FOOD! 😐

It was our second time to dine in Solibao. The interiors were very different when we first dined in there. Kudos to them for revamping their restaurant beautifully 🙂

One Filipino dish that I am missing right now is Pancit!I love having it on a cold weather, while it’s still piping hot! Pluuuus, pairing it with Chicken Liver Adobo is just too divine! Uhhh. Take me home now!! :))

Lumpiang Ubod

Fresh veggies x Sweet Nutty Sauce = LOVE!

I miss eating veggies without worrying if it’s “massacred” with chemicals or something!

Fried Vegetable Lumpia

Just because I can’t get enough of veggies! Heehee

This one’s really GOOD! *drools*

Apple Pie

I had my dessert served immediately! I just like having anything sweet in the middle of my glutton fare! 😛


*craving right now* uhh

More veggies! Woopee

I love how the vegetables are not mushy! I dislike eating overcooked veggies, it gives me a notion that the nutrients are already gone when I eat them.

Platter of grilled food!

This is really torture to me…. 

I would do anything just to have a platter of grilled food now! Most of the grilled food here in the States are steaks huhu

I love grilled squid, but Solibao’s is a huge disappointment! 🙁



Sinigang sa Miso

One of my favorites!! Seeing this photo made me die inside.. eek

Ze Parents <3

OMG…Remo’s hair. LOL

Will really try to keep up my phase,

R <3


BAGUIO’12: Up and Away

Backlog: 02.24.2012 – Road trip to Baguio with the Family

I’ve been itching to go to Baguio since November of 2011, mainly because of The Manor in Camp John Hay. We originally planned to drive up to Baguio last December 2011, but since the month of December is really not ideal for long family trips, we had to put it on hold. I really thought we wouldn’t have the chance to go there before I leave, but God once again blessed my family by gracing us with a beautiful schedule on the month of February. Fortunately, Remo and Chella had a 3-day class suspension because of some school event (yay). I immediately reserved those dates for a Baguio trip 🙂

Since it was only a 13-day gap from our Cafe France breakfast (Subic trip) I asked them to eat in Kenny Roger’s instead. It’s been ages since I last ate in Kenny Roger’s so I was really excited to have their roasted chicken for my breakfast! Nom

c/o Renzo

Only had 3 hours of sleep! Big HI to my BIG eye-bags!

Lunch @ TJ’s Steakhouse in Camp John Hay

Not too excited about their steaks cause I know it would only disappoint! :)) I dislike going to undear steakhouses because I feel like it’s not worth the calories at all!

Sissy Love <3

Welcomed by a beautiful weather 🙂 <3

The Manor Suites’ lobby

View from our balcony 🙂

Next Stop: Dinner

Out of sorts,

R <3

Weekend with Angels

One thing that I am really grateful for everyday is having guardians here in the States who treats me like I am their child. If it weren’t because of Mr. and Mrs. Flores (I am still used to in calling them “Ma’am” & “Sir” lol) I wouldn’t be this strong now. They are one of the reasons why I can still manage to keep my life on track  in the midst of stress and loneliness.

Yellow Ribbon: Went to Hunt Valley with Karla and Ian for an afternoon bonding 🙂

Had our late lunch in Jesse Wong’s Kitchen 🙂

Open Kitchen x Fab Interiors! 🙂

Blurry picture because of the steam from the dumplings.

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings for appetizer 🙂

Sesame Chicken with Brocolli

This is a little too sweet for me  but I love the HUGE serving and how perfectly done the broccoli’s are (I dislike eating mushy veggies heehee)


03.23-25.2012 : Best weekend since I got here

Watched Hunger Games with Mr. & Mrs. Flores 🙂 The movie was AWESOME! I was thinking about my siblings during the movie 😐 Wish we watched it together 🙁 Anyway, I’m a fan but I don’t think I’d be reading the book (not anytime soon though). I know the book is better (it always is) but watching the movie first spoiled half of the reading excitement for me already so I am passing on this one. Haha 🙂

First movie experience in the States! Haha 🙂

@ White Marsh 🙂

Headed to Friday Bible Study after the movie 🙂

Shopping with my “Mother” here in the States! 🙂

Went craaaaazy shopping!

Attended the Saturday service at church with Mr. and Mrs. Flores after dinner 🙂

I felt like I wasn’t away from home during that weekend. The way they took care of me is really overwhelming.  I just couldn’t wait to spend another weekend with them again 🙂 No words can ever narrate how blessed that weekend was! 🙂

R <3

Away but growing closer

I still couldn’t believe that I am going to miss my brother’s graduation today 🙁 (PHL time). I want to see my big Batutsy go up the stage and walk like a penguin with a pineapple hair!! huhu. Anyway, since I terribly miss being an Ate to my “rug-rats”  I’ve decided to work on this entry today 🙂 One major advantage of me being away is the growing relationship that we share as a family. We became closer and stronger.The love that binds us together as a family is more than enough for me to brave each day and sleep soundly at night. Talking to my family is always the best part of my day, and I just cannot wait to torture my siblings again (loljk).

I miss living in the Metro. I miss SH’s pistachio gelato. I miss random movie nights with my siblings. And no, I am not depressed,

Mi Boobie and Batutsy <3 <3 <3

Went to Eastwood with my siblings and hanged out with Jho to turn a normal day into a fun one! 🙂

Please crawl into my bed now…..

So in love with pistachio gelato! 😛 I can chow down 2 sticks consecutively!!

Cutesy sticks for ze sibs! 🙂

Our parents would always let us spend the wee hours of our Saturday in Timezone when we were younger! 🙂

Timezone kids represent! Lol

…and as I grew older, I would just spend my Timezone “allowance” on Neo Prints! Lol :))

…meh #joke

11 months to go..and I ‘ll be torturing my brother Remo again on picking me up from my night outs. Lol


My Sissy edited this and I still giggle like a piggy every time I see this! Lol :))


I am very happy for my brother who made it through high school today! 🙂 Yaaaay. <3


Certified Ate,

R <3

Mix Le Fun

I am seriously out of sorts since yesterday. I just still couldn’t believe that the best weekend so far (since I got here is already over), I couldn’t wait to meet-up with my guardians here again! Anyway, I have been hit by the curve ball the minute I clocked in yesterday – not work related, nothing serious just a silly curve ball trying to get into me..and no, I wouldn’t let anyone get through me cause my God is stronger than what they have to think or say.

03.18.2012 – St. Paddy’s Day

First St. Patrick’s Day! Everyone at work was very eccentric about this celebration,  almost everyone wore green and we had a special Irish menu for the night. One thing that I like about my work, I get to learn something new everyday! 🙂 Anyway, my roomies and I wanted to have a “taste” of the tradition so we decided to have a small celebration at home! 🙂

Nothing too hard for the girls. Just a mix of fun for the night 🙂 Heehee

Pizza c/o Ysan

Someone deleted our group photo 🙁 Huhu #Annoying

Invited Darlene and Joy! Girls night indeed! 🙂

03.20.2012 – Friends and Food

Monday is something that we look forward to each week, since all of us doesn’t have work on that day. My roomies and I hosted a dinner for the “youngsters” to welcome them! 🙂

Baked Red Velvet Cupcakes 🙂 I missed baking for my family!! 🙁

Kyots!! c/o Karen

c/o Karen

Jogging attire! 🙂 Was able to squeeze in jogging in the midst  of my cooking! Lol.

Prepared a simple fare for 18 pax 🙂

Struggle of life!! Made cream cheese frosting using a FORK! Our whisk in our apartment is too sluggish!

No “appetizing” food photos! Lol

Cupcakes x Chicili Con Carne x Corn Bread X Chicken Alfredo

chili con Carne and Corn Bread are very perfect together! Agree? 🙂

Glad everyone liked what I prepared! 🙂

03.25.2012 – Happy Birthday, Jem! 🙂

Birthday Girl! 🙂

with Ysan and Krizzy 🙂

Work “Soul mate”

Who’d have thought I’d be working under one company again with this woman? 🙂 Haha! 🙂 Glad to have a familiar face at work!! 🙂

All photos during Jem’s party c/o Jem!


Quick update of what’s been up! 🙂

R <3

Strawberry Shortcake..not

I terribly miss cooking at home. It’s really different when I cook for my family, the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment is much greater than cooking in a professional kitchen. I value their opinions more than anyone else and that’s one of my motivations on pursuing to be a better Culinarian.

Strawberry Shortcake Toast

This is a loooong over-due post! I made this on the first week of February 2012. I wanted something not too heavy and fresh for brunch so I’ve decided to go for fresh fruit and a toast! 🙂

I used wheat pandesal for this since I wanted to do something out of the usual.

Since I am feeling a little playful that time, I served it with BTIC’s Triple Chocolate Frozen Yogurt! 🙂 YUM!

P.S. I’m going to try this with Vanilla Yogurt or Plain yogurt soon! I bet it would be divine! :)))  (Yogurt lover represent!)

I love the tangy flavor from the lemon zest! It makes the dish more refreshing.  *droooool*


Inday’s day off today (yay)

R <3

She can be your it girl

Here’s what I wore last 03.13.2012 🙂  This is one of my favorite outfits to date! “Layering” for the Winter-ish weather and vibrant colors to welcome Spring! 🙂

Glad my roomie is so up for taking photos of me!! I am very fortunate to have a very kind roomie! Heehee <3 🙂

My scarf keeps on making a scene.. ugh :))

P.S. Thanks to my Sissy for giving this to me!!! <3

The animal prints on my outfit makes the whole look pop-out!  🙂

I fixed my hair into a “messy” bun to give more edge to my look! haha

I just could not wear these right away after I bought them! They’re so FAB! Don’t you just love them?:)

I do not have enough time to change clothes for our night out.I omitted the scarf and changed my accessories and bag  to give  a different “look” to my outfit for the entire day! 🙂

Inday’s Day off today,

R <3

Is retail therapy a curse?

I am ecstatic right now! If you’re my friend on Facebook you’d know why! But since it’s not yet the perfect time for me to talk about it here on this blog yet, I’ll just put it on hold and blab about the curse that I am trapped in… Is it really a curse? You be the judge.

03.12.2012 – She’ll be fat in no time!

My roomie and I went to Sam’s Club to sign up for a membership! I love anything exclusive! Cause I know that the service/ goods that I will be receiving is going to be one of the best!

Pluuuus, I love having cards with my name on it! (That’s why my wallets are always bulky)

Anyway, here are some of my awesome finds during our grocery day!

I don’t really like indulging myself with “junk” food! But these are just too hard to resist!

Let’s see how long will it take me to finish all of these! I have a feeling that these will be in my room for 6 months!! :)))

I couldn’t stop myself from not buying these for my family! I know I’ve been in the States for 10 days only when I bought these but  retail therapy really helps  my soul drift away from loneliness! I can’t wait to send these soon!!

These Bibles are too awesome and perfect for my siblings!! One of the best gifts that I’ll be giving them!! 🙂

03.13.2012 – Still in therapy


Was not able to take a photo of the restaurant so I outsourced instead. Yikes

My roomie Rose Ann and I had the same day-off again so we’ve decided to go shopping (again). We started our day by pigging out in Ruby Buffet! It’s very similar to Hibachi! From the type of service,servers and food! 🙂

My fortune cookie was very accurate! This definitely made me smile! 🙂

Finally!! Going to Forever 21 DEFINITELY made me feel that I was not away from my loved ones!! :))) Shopping really does help me…A LOT!

My first milk tea in ze States!! I was on cloud 9 while drinking this!! I finished my drink in just 3 minutes(yes I timed myself lol).


With my uber fun and kind roomie..who gave me a lot of space for my stuff in our room (lol) 🙂

Thank you,scarf! #Panira

Williams-Sonoma!! Culinary slash Baking HAVEN!!!!!! Omg I died when I was there! Aaaah <3

Happy Camper lol

Some of my awesome finds that day!

MY love since highschool! Don’t you just love how girly and awesome these are? So in love with these!

Love at first sight!

I love using these at work!! Saves me time and makes my product more neat! 🙂

Need I say more? Can’t wait to go home and hand this in my sissy and I’s room! Yiiiiie!! <3 <3 <3

Bag tags!! Too cute for me to pass!

Michael’s Raw Bar and Grill with roomies and co-workers 🙂

Since I am not really into drinking alcoholic bevarages, I asked the bartender to make something non-alcoholic! This was really amazing that I had 2 glasses of this!! *take me to Michael’s now please*

This was off the drink list 🙂

A shot of “fruit loops” for everyone! Less alcohol for me of course! Lol

Will work on another entry,

R <3

Knocked Out

Save me from preservatives, please.

One thing that I am really missing right now is eating anything FRESH! The refrigerator in our apartment is filled with frozen/preserved foods  🙁 Eating out will not do me any good as well,and the cafeteria at my work serves too much awesome food everyday! I think I’ll be getting fat in no time 🙁 Anyway, since I’ve been having a craaazy craving for milk tea since I got here, I’ve decided to finish this entry! It’s almost 4 months late (yikes) so I hope it’ll still matter to everyone who reads my blog! Lol :))))

Backlog: December 2011

We live near Eton Centris, so my family and I would frequent that place especially when we get too bummed out at home. Centris is extra pretty during Christmas, I think it’s the smaller version of BGC 🙂 One thing that makes me keep on going back to the place is Cha Time!  I was really on Cloud 9 when Cha Time was just 5 minutes away from me 🙁

Matcha x Pudding Lover represent!

I am still on a quest for the nearest milk tea house near my apartment now! 🙁 I am close to ordering a bag of taro mix in Amazon if this severe craving doesn’t subside by the end of this week (or maybe sooner)

Daddy x Remo’s

Used my old digicam so photos are a bit blurry and “powdery” :)) eek

Apart from Milk Tea.. I terribly miss being an “Ate” too!! 🙁 🙁 :

My Batutsy looking so cuuuuute and funny!! Lol Look at his tummmmy!! He was such a weakling but still uber adorbs!!! :)))

I miss playing with your tummy 🙁 🙁 🙁

The “kiddos” 🙂

Random Food Photos in Uncle Cheffy

One awesome restaurant in Centris – Uncle Cheffy!

I was not able to take pictures of everything that we ate cause everyone was really hungry!! will definitely dine in Uncle Cheffy again when I get back so I can blab about it and give justice to the delicious food that they have 🙂

I just had an awesome night hosting a dinner with my roomies! How was yours?:)

R <3

Solo Flight

Manila departure outfit post! 🙂 I wanted to wear something comfy and weather permitting so I’ve decided to go for this! I was hesitant to wear my white jeans cause I was in “woman land” that time but since it looks perfect with my shoes and top, I braved the possibility of looking like a dracula underneath! (LOL)

Top: Zara

Jeans: Zata

*I was holding on to a Zara coat too but I don’t have a picture of me wearing it since I wore it when I was in Chicago and BWI already! 🙂 “Zara all the way”.

P.S. It was really hard for me to smile that night 😐

I like fixing my hair to a bun to give a classy touch to my look! 🙂

Wore this yellow-green blazer during my 12 hour flight and in SFO

“Keeping these close to my heart”

Daddy’s Girl Dog Tag x Red personalized pendant from Remo and Klariz <3

I fall in love with this bag everyday!! Isn’t she pretty?? 🙂 <3

Chicago to BWI! <3

Hope you liked my entry,

R <3

On the FLY!

I traveled for 25 hours (including my stopover/layover) last 03.02.2012. I do not mind “flying” alone since I have already done it a couple of times already. I love airplanes x airports so there was no really downtime for me until that trip! I always find my self sobbing like a pig *oink* because I still couldn’t believe that I am already away from my family and it’s too late for me to turn my back! Anyway, I don’t want to sound too sappy so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking :))

San Francisco International Airport 

My first food in the US. Lol

This was really divine! I finished the whole large cup right before my boarding time! I got addicted to candied granola after having this! NOM


No, I am not on a strict diet. I just don’t want to consume anything heavy when I “fly” cause I might end up having constant trips to the restroom!

Look how nicely packaged the S&P’s are! 🙂

Flew in this small airbus

To the clouds….

Less words, more pictures (hope it worked for you!)

R <3

See you soon, Manila!

It has been 13 days already since I’ve arrived here in the States. I feel like it has been forever already!Part of me wants to speed up time so I can see my family already but the other half me wants to stay to go shopping (lol)  and of course LEARN! I wouldn’t talk about my work nor life here yet cause again, it deserves a solo post that I have to work on my next free day! My schedule is just jam-packed lately that it even takes me a few days to reply to the personal messages on my phone and Facebook! Anyway, here’s what transpired on my departure in Manila last 03.03.12!

*Kudos to my Sissy for taking photos! Never have I imagined to have such photos! Lol

It was really hard for me to turn my back on the people that I love. I had to force myself to act fine and play it cool.

My Batutsyyyy 🙁 I miss you so much already!!! I bet you’ll be MUCH bigger than me when I get back!!!

I have a very close family (just click the “FAMILY” tab on the right side of my page and you’ll see a glimpse of how close our family is).Being apart with each other is something that we cannot really get used to, no matter how long or often it may be, not being complete during Sundays or just merely knowing that one family member is not there is unbearable. So being away from them for a full year is depressing in both ways! But, it is a decision that we have to make and a life that we have to deal with for a while.

The moment the lady in the exit point at the airport told me that I only have 15 minutes left to bid farewell to my family, I felt my heart crash down. 15 minutes would not be enough,but I know that the longer that I stay the harder it will be for us to part ways!

I was holding it all together but the second I hugged my Lola, I just broke down and cried like a baby! #OFWkungOFWangSCENEteh!

It was the hardest for my Dad. I am a Daddy’s Girl so being away from him is really despairing and something that he cannot acclimate.

What I dislike about my decision is the fact that it made my family really sad. Don’t get me wrong, they are more than happy for me but pursuing a dream that would take you 8571.1 miles away is really heartbreaking.

My Sissy looks really pretty in this photo 🙂 I loved her “sweetheart” look that night! 🙂

I’m officially the Queen of Over-packing and Excess baggage!

One thing that I cannot do is to pack lightly! 🙁

I wanted all of my bags to be pink! From my laptop case to my luggage bags. But since I only had a few hours to look for a hand carry I settled for tangerine (I was psyching myself that it was close to pink LOL)

I loooove this luggage belt that my Mom bought for me!! 🙂  The purple belts on my other luggage bag was stolen!! Plus, the lock was already broken when I claimed my baggage’s 🙁

Got approached twice because of this bag in San Francisco! 🙂 #Flattered

This was how I packed my stuff! 😛 I love doing this so my clothes will not be clutteredwhen I open my luggage!

Waited for my flight in Mabuhay Lounge.

Mabuhay Lounge’s Dining Area

Seeing the food in the buffet reminded me of my OJT days in PAL 🙂 Haha

I made sure that I try everything! It’s not everyday that I get to be in Mabuhay Lounge! :))

Started my late evening with a salad! Had my first meal for the day at 10PM!!

Love the pandan cake! 🙂

I was able to try the “famous lugaw” too! But I was not able to take a photo! It was really GOOD! The positive remarks about it are really true 🙂

I have the sweetest Dad ever!!! <3 I am very blessed to have an amazing father!  🙂

It was a 12 hour flight to San Francisco, California. Glad I have a book and an entertainment screen to keep me sane! 😛

Next Stop: San Francisco 🙂

Hope I did not bore you,

R <3

P.S. sorry for the constant typos that I’ve been having in most of my entries 🙁 My head is just too bombarded with thoughts lately 🙁

I got it from my Momma

Here’s what I wore last 02.20.2012. One thing that I enjoy doing back in the Philippines is to ransack my Mom’s closet once in a while and pull out the clothes that I could wear. Her size is bigger than mine so I always find a way to make it fit to me. I love making her buy clothes that I know I could wear too (lol – smarty moves). Anyway, I love how comfy this printed palazzo pants is! I felt like I was swimming in cotton the whole day 🙂

Black Cover-Up: Topshop

Blue x Pink Peg!  

Palazzo Pants: Mom’s

Tube Top: F&H

Wedge: So Fab

One of my favorite rings! 🙂

Blue bangles from Singapore

White beaded bracelet from Bangkok


Have a safe day y’all!

R <3


How awesome is it to shop with no limit? Much more to shop with your Dad who just waits patiently and urges you to buy more. My being addicted to shopping is highly influenced by my Dad. I grew up  spending my normal weekends in the mall, patiently waiting for my Dad as he tries on clothes or whatever catches his shopaholic radar! Anyway, after having a fun-filled afternoon with LA & Caloy last 02.20.12, my Dad picked me up in Greenbelt and had a Father-Daughter bonding :))

We went to PAL first to run some errands. I like being tagged along with him when he goes to PAL or anywhere near the airport! I feel calm and inspired every time I pass by the airport or see an airplane! <3

I officially miss Akiba’s matcha yogurt drink now after seeing this photo!! I am currently having an intense craving for milk tea since yesterday!! 🙁 It’s so saaaaad 🙁 Milk Tea x Manila, I MISS YOU!

Dropping by Akiba is a must when I’m in Megamall. I love Matcha flavored drinks so I made my Dad try Akiba’s Matcha Trifle! So glad he loved it! 🙂 <3 YUM

Huge bag of awesomeness from Forever21!

I love shopping with my Dad!! He doesn’t say “no” Hahahaha (whuuuut a greedy girl this girl LOL)

Got these cutesy Forever 21 pens!!Gave the pink pen to my Sister since I know she wouldn’t take it if I give her the yellow one :)) It only occurred to me that I could’ve got another set of pens from Forever21 if I have bought anything worth 400PHP to add to my bill! #Sayang

This welcomed me when I arrived home 🙂 My sissy is such a sweetheart! <3

How cute is this key chain? 🙂 I want to see the Eiffel Tower with my family!!! No one else, but my family! <3

My Dad did not wait for me for almost an hour and a half in Forever 21 cause that would be too unforgiving (haha) :))  He bought me these 2 babies on the first hour of my shopping extravaganza! Aren’t they cute? We both love these because they are super lightweight and the color is super girly! The Travel Club is really the place to go for travel needs! 🙂

Accessorize is one of the “accessory havens” in Manila!! I just couldn’t refrain myself from not buying the babies inside the envelopes! :))

So yeah, decided to post this since it’s Saturday and I miss shopping with my family! 😐 Ugh,, time will fly… it will!

Just because I want to post anything that has been taken here ..and unfortunately my face is in it! #chot

Hi from somewhere far from the Philippines,

R <3


Finally! I have the time to finish this entry! 🙂 I am embracing a 12 hour shift until Sunday,so I’ve been spending my time preparing for work, talking to my family and mostly in the kitchen. I missed the cyber-world very much and everything about the Philippines! I have no idea what’s going on in my homeland right now. Like what’s going on with the politics and showbizshizz! Anyway, I am having the “time of my life” at work! Everyone’s VERY accommodating and nice. I have been learning a lot already for the past 3 days and I am just in awe of the training the I am being blessed with! So much for “OFW” (lol) stuff! I’d be posting  blog about my work next time since a lot has been messaging me about it 🙂 Since I’ve been missing my awesome life in Manila a lot lately, I’ve decided to blab about my lunch date with the two of the most caring persons in my life! 02.20.2012 – Opppppa! I met up with Caloy and LA for lunch on a Monday.It’s quite odd that we’re meeting on a work day but it’s for a good cause,why hesitate to call in sick,right LA? Lol :)) I love hanging out in Greenbelt, there are too many reasons why this mall is one of my family’s favorite in the Metro. Someone always arrives very late when we meet up! I don’t know why but time is not really with us every time we set a bonding day. :))

I was the last to arrive so they chose which restaurant to go to. LA was craving for their Flaming Mangoes so they decided to dine in here.

I asked them to order a salad ahead for me. I was already starving and I cannot wait for my food for too long. Lol

Roka Salata

This is now officially on my favorite list! I loved the candied walnuts and arugula together because of the bold nutty flavor. The Greek vinaigrette goes perfectly with the sweet and light flavor of the ingredients. YUM

Spinach Dip

Overloaded with cheese x Served with toasted pita bread & white bread

Caloy’s Cyma Lamb Chops

My Chicken Gyro wrapped in Lettuce (low-carb option)

Cyma’s gyros are really GOOD! I couldn’t explain how much I love their gyro’s! Nothing like the greasy shawarma’s we usually see in the cheap lane 😛

LA’s Lamb Gyro

Flaming Mangoes

LA & Caloy 🙂


We did some shopping after having lunch. Of course Sinfully is on my to-go list when in Greenbelt! That place is divine! 🙂

Macarons..why you so prettttty?

Their Heart’s Day special! Chocolate covered wafers 🙂 Not something that I will be ordering again. This was too ordinary that it’s not too far from “Choco Mallows’ taste and texture…was it just me?


I will really try with all my might to update this blog as often as what I have used to. Seeing the statistics of my page views everyday urges me to blog more! Thank you everyone really! 🙂

Off to work,

R <3

It’s all about You.

It’s been 5 days already since I’ve been away from my family. This post will not be about the emotional meltdowns that I’ve been having ever since I entered the doors of NAIA,but rather this will be a happy post to help me keep my mind off the loneliness and depressing scenes that my mind has been drowning in. Anyway, I am very grateful to everyone who has been viewing my page during my absence. I thought this blog will also asphyxiate just like my sanity (for now – HAHA). So yeah, internet service was just installed yesterday (I find it a bit odd that I’ll be speaking in a different time zone from now on.. I hope my page will still be on your blogroll).

03.04.2012 – Angels in Mary’s Land

Sunday,for me, is Family day. I am very grateful to God for blessing my first Sunday here in the States with the people who my family and I considers as family. (I am seriously doubting every word that I am typing right now, my head is too drained but my heart wants me to release it one by one – so yeah, just bear with me)

My first Sunday here was filled with blessings and love. Mr. Anjilou Flores and Mrs. Angel Alim-Flores picked me up from my apartment first thing in the morning. I was up for 8 hours already when they came, but since I am very excited to see my former teachers again after n years, my body and soul was on a happy state,that as if I had 8 hours of sleep. The history of how beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Angel helped me become who I am now deserves a solo post 🙂

They brought me to their church – River of Life. Everyone was very welcoming! They were kissing and hugging me that as if they have known me for a long time already.I felt that I was not away from home when I was there. Aside from the spiritual guidance that I felt assured of after going to church, my head was totally drifted away from depression. It really means a lot to me that I was able to go to church, and I am praying that God would bless me with time so I can go to church every week! 🙂

We had lunch in Hibachi, they call it a “supreme buffet” chain since there were really a lot of food choices! (It’s comparable to Vikings in the Philippines). Anyway, it was my first proper meal ever since my departure so it was like heaven to me! 🙂

We headed to Burlington to shop (and boy I am so crazy over this mall!!) and Shoppers for my first grocery experience! God’s love has been overflowing to my soul since “forever”, but yeah, I have never felt this loved before! Everyone around me is just too caring and supportive! From my family to friends! 🙂 I am very grateful to God for blessing me with teachers like Mr. and Mrs. Flores! They are one of my life mentors and my parents here in the States! It’s really comforting that they are just near me and I have them when life hits me with a curve ball.

03.05.2012 – Dora the Explorer

My sleeping schedule is “still” poor. I am already awake at 1-2AM in the morning, good thing a kindhearted young family gave me the password of their wifi. It was a bit weird how I got it :)) But their kindness really made my despair bearable. I spend most of my time talking to my family. I haven’t cried in 2 days (yay), which is really “something”, since I had an ugly melt down prior to that! Yikes.

Puffy eye-bags 😐 No decent sleep since February 29,2012!

My first bus ride! 🙂 I know, Iknow..the photo is not WP worthy at all. But the story that goes with it is really memorable that I want to keep it in this memory box till “forever” haha :))

What I wore: Playful colors

Apple Green x Orange x A bit of red!

I heal my lonely soul with retail therapy, it always works for me :))

It’s really saddening that my sissy very far from me 🙁 I don’t have anyone to take my pictures anymore 😐 Huhu

O ne thing that I am still not used to is being complimented with my style and how I look! People here are very expressive. I got complimented thrice yesterday! 🙂 I wonder if I’ll ever get used to such flattery. Lol :))

“Though I’m weak and poor
All I have is Yours
Every single breath
I’ll bring You more than a song
For a song in itself
Is not what You have required
You search much deeper within
Through the way things appear
You’re looking into my heart”

Will work on my backlogs ASAP,

R <3

Panic Spatula

I’ve been having the craziest days one could ever have on a month of February! I feel like I’m meeting a deadline for my thesis and stressing over my finals combined! I spend my days accomplishing tasks and my nights planning how to spend my day. But in the middle of those craziness, one thing that I do not want to miss is to have dinner with my family!  It is always the best part of my day so just the thought of missing it for a year is very abhorring already 🙁

02.29.2012 Status

Today, I missed  dinner with the family. I was planning to treat them out but the Republic of the Philippines and life connived against me #GanunKaIntense. =))

My status boldly explains how my day went. Don’t you just hate  how almost all of the sectors that are under the government are so inefficient?  How grumpy their employees are in the morning and how you can really set apart the people who lacks discipline and respect when you are all in one line? I do not want to sound offhand, but this is not how I want to be accustomed with! I just cannot tolerate people cutting lines ; people who does not know how to listen ; and people who cannot obey a damn rule! And oh, let’s not forget loiterers! I hate how dirty crowded places are. My hope is hanging on a thread, may pag-asa pa ba ang Pilipinas?

Anyway, today felt like it was 2.15.2012 again. I was panicking,crazy and on a rush!



Ube x Pistachio Gelato from Caffe Ti-amo! <3 One of my favorite gelato house! 🙂

2 of my favorite flavors in one cup! AWESOME.

First “meal” for that day. Had this at around 4pm already.  I forget to eat when I am busy. #SanaBusyAkoLagi

To  calm and distress myself from the crazy day that I was having.. I walked around Greenbelt. It was a beautiful afternoon so I’ve decided to finish my cup of gelato in their garden area…where the restaurants are! I passed by Le Petit Artisan

..and saw this cute bike! I do not know how to ride a bike (yeah,such a shame huhu) so it has always been on my list of frustrations  (including tumbling).  I’ve only noticed the fake breads when I walked closer! I thought it was just some scheme or something.

I heard the breads scream my name! So yadda yadda, I came in and got lost in bread land!

LPA is also a Cafe/Restaurant btw! I wanted to try it with my parents or with the whole family so I settled with the breads 🙂

The breads are arranged in a way that you would want to get everything. They are not sheltered in a glass or something, for short not turo-turo style HAHA. Which makes you just get everything that you want and fill up your tray! I was thinking of my family throughout my “bread therapy”,so instead of sulking over the fact that I wish they were there with me, I’ve decided to bring the breads to them instead!

What really made me decide to fill-up a try was their Mochi!

They were really chewy,but not something that I would want for my bread so I’ll be passing on mochi breads until I get over how excruciating it was for my swollen gums. Haha

chocolate Croissant

White Chocolate Croissant

I love chocolate flavored croissants! It goes perfectly with the buttery flavor and flaky texture of the bread! These were really delicious when reheated well! 🙂

Asado x Adobo Buns

I was not able to taste these since I instructed our cook to serve it to my parents for breakfast! 🙂

One of my last task for that day was to go to Taft. Cello reminded me of my brother Remo so I just couldn’t go home without a box of doughnuts for the kiddos.

Since my sister loves anything with chocolate (except dark) I chose these flavors for her! Chocolate and Oreos/Cookies&Cream (?)

My purpose of going to Taft 🙂 I just couldn’t unwrap it without taking a photo! I’m a sucker for cute/lovely/pretty packaging! Don’t you just love how an item is being handed to you beautifully? It makes you cherish the item more! 🙂

I was running late for dinner! It was already 7PM and my driver and I was still struggling our way home. My siblings were texting me that they were starving already but I just couldn’t let them eat dinner without me.. hahahah! So I made them wait!

One thing that I will definitely miss while I’m away is my sister going home with taro milk tea for me!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

This definitely made all the pressure and anxiety worth it that day! 🙂

One of our routines everyday is to pick a “lucky star” card! This was our motivational quote for 02.15.2012! 🙂 (Again, will definitely miss doing this with my sister – my heart is totally crying right now!)


After having a horrible day today (02.29.2012) God amazingly turned around everything again! I was sulking in my room over the dinner that I missed when my Mom called me and asked me if I want to go out and grab some yogurt! I’ve already made plans with the girls (so sorry for flaking out ladies), but I just couldn’t say no to the people that I will terribly miss the most!

I had another lovely evening with my family! Milk Tea x Yogurt helped made this day PERFECT! Time spent with the family is always priceless..and though I will be apart to them for a loooong time, I know this will help in every aspect of our lives!

Leaving soon,

R <3