It’s all about You.

It’s been 5 days already since I’ve been away from my family. This post will not be about the emotional meltdowns that I’ve been having ever since I entered the doors of NAIA,but rather this will be a happy post to help me keep my mind off the loneliness and depressing scenes that my mind has been drowning in. Anyway, I am very grateful to everyone who has been viewing my page during my absence. I thought this blog will also asphyxiate just like my sanity (for now – HAHA). So yeah, internet service was just installed yesterday (I find it a bit odd that I’ll be speaking in a different time zone from now on.. I hope my page will still be on your blogroll).

03.04.2012 – Angels in Mary’s Land

Sunday,for me, is Family day. I am very grateful to God for blessing my first Sunday here in the States with the people who my family and I considers as family. (I am seriously doubting every word that I am typing right now, my head is too drained but my heart wants me to release it one by one – so yeah, just bear with me)

My first Sunday here was filled with blessings and love. Mr. Anjilou Flores and Mrs. Angel Alim-Flores picked me up from my apartment first thing in the morning. I was up for 8 hours already when they came, but since I am very excited to see my former teachers again after n years, my body and soul was on a happy state,that as if I had 8 hours of sleep. The history of how beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Angel helped me become who I am now deserves a solo post 🙂

They brought me to their church – River of Life. Everyone was very welcoming! They were kissing and hugging me that as if they have known me for a long time already.I felt that I was not away from home when I was there. Aside from the spiritual guidance that I felt assured of after going to church, my head was totally drifted away from depression. It really means a lot to me that I was able to go to church, and I am praying that God would bless me with time so I can go to church every week! 🙂

We had lunch in Hibachi, they call it a “supreme buffet” chain since there were really a lot of food choices! (It’s comparable to Vikings in the Philippines). Anyway, it was my first proper meal ever since my departure so it was like heaven to me! 🙂

We headed to Burlington to shop (and boy I am so crazy over this mall!!) and Shoppers for my first grocery experience! God’s love has been overflowing to my soul since “forever”, but yeah, I have never felt this loved before! Everyone around me is just too caring and supportive! From my family to friends! 🙂 I am very grateful to God for blessing me with teachers like Mr. and Mrs. Flores! They are one of my life mentors and my parents here in the States! It’s really comforting that they are just near me and I have them when life hits me with a curve ball.

03.05.2012 – Dora the Explorer

My sleeping schedule is “still” poor. I am already awake at 1-2AM in the morning, good thing a kindhearted young family gave me the password of their wifi. It was a bit weird how I got it :)) But their kindness really made my despair bearable. I spend most of my time talking to my family. I haven’t cried in 2 days (yay), which is really “something”, since I had an ugly melt down prior to that! Yikes.

Puffy eye-bags 😐 No decent sleep since February 29,2012!

My first bus ride! 🙂 I know, Iknow..the photo is not WP worthy at all. But the story that goes with it is really memorable that I want to keep it in this memory box till “forever” haha :))

What I wore: Playful colors

Apple Green x Orange x A bit of red!

I heal my lonely soul with retail therapy, it always works for me :))

It’s really saddening that my sissy very far from me 🙁 I don’t have anyone to take my pictures anymore 😐 Huhu

O ne thing that I am still not used to is being complimented with my style and how I look! People here are very expressive. I got complimented thrice yesterday! 🙂 I wonder if I’ll ever get used to such flattery. Lol :))

“Though I’m weak and poor
All I have is Yours
Every single breath
I’ll bring You more than a song
For a song in itself
Is not what You have required
You search much deeper within
Through the way things appear
You’re looking into my heart”

Will work on my backlogs ASAP,

R <3

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  1. Very well said Ia…Thanks for your sweet post.Always remember that we are here for you.Teaching is so rewarding that it actually inspired me more to go on with the challenges of this career.There’s no words that I can use to describe to see you on your way to success.Mr.Flores & I are so proud & blessed to be your former teacher….Xoxo. Ms.Angel

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