Manila Eats: Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La

Finally! I have the time to finish this entry! 🙂 I am embracing a 12 hour shift until Sunday,so I’ve been spending my time preparing for work, talking to my family and mostly in the kitchen. I missed the cyber-world very much and everything about the Philippines! I have no idea what’s going on in my homeland right now. Like what’s going on with the politics and showbizshizz! Anyway, I am having the “time of my life” at work! Everyone’s VERY accommodating and nice. I have been learning a lot already for the past 3 days and I am just in awe of the training the I am being blessed with! So much for “OFW” (lol) stuff! I’d be posting  blog about my work next time since a lot has been messaging me about it 🙂 Since I’ve been missing my awesome life in Manila a lot lately, I’ve decided to blab about my lunch date with the two of the most caring persons in my life! 02.20.2012 – Opppppa! I met up with Caloy and LA for lunch on a Monday.It’s quite odd that we’re meeting on a work day but it’s for a good cause,why hesitate to call in sick,right LA? Lol :)) I love hanging out in Greenbelt, there are too many reasons why this mall is one of my family’s favorite in the Metro. Someone always arrives very late when we meet up! I don’t know why but time is not really with us every time we set a bonding day. :))

I was the last to arrive so they chose which restaurant to go to. LA was craving for their Flaming Mangoes so they decided to dine in here.

I asked them to order a salad ahead for me. I was already starving and I cannot wait for my food for too long. Lol

Roka Salata

This is now officially on my favorite list! I loved the candied walnuts and arugula together because of the bold nutty flavor. The Greek vinaigrette goes perfectly with the sweet and light flavor of the ingredients. YUM

Spinach Dip

Overloaded with cheese x Served with toasted pita bread & white bread

Caloy’s Cyma Lamb Chops

My Chicken Gyro wrapped in Lettuce (low-carb option)

Cyma’s gyros are really GOOD! I couldn’t explain how much I love their gyro’s! Nothing like the greasy shawarma’s we usually see in the cheap lane 😛

LA’s Lamb Gyro

Flaming Mangoes

LA & Caloy 🙂


We did some shopping after having lunch. Of course Sinfully is on my to-go list when in Greenbelt! That place is divine! 🙂

Macarons..why you so prettttty?

Their Heart’s Day special! Chocolate covered wafers 🙂 Not something that I will be ordering again. This was too ordinary that it’s not too far from “Choco Mallows’ taste and texture…was it just me?


I will really try with all my might to update this blog as often as what I have used to. Seeing the statistics of my page views everyday urges me to blog more! Thank you everyone really! 🙂

Off to work,

R <3

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