How awesome is it to shop with no limit? Much more to shop with your Dad who just waits patiently and urges you to buy more. My being addicted to shopping is highly influenced by my Dad. I grew up  spending my normal weekends in the mall, patiently waiting for my Dad as he tries on clothes or whatever catches his shopaholic radar! Anyway, after having a fun-filled afternoon with LA & Caloy last 02.20.12, my Dad picked me up in Greenbelt and had a Father-Daughter bonding :))

We went to PAL first to run some errands. I like being tagged along with him when he goes to PAL or anywhere near the airport! I feel calm and inspired every time I pass by the airport or see an airplane! <3

I officially miss Akiba’s matcha yogurt drink now after seeing this photo!! I am currently having an intense craving for milk tea since yesterday!! 🙁 It’s so saaaaad 🙁 Milk Tea x Manila, I MISS YOU!

Dropping by Akiba is a must when I’m in Megamall. I love Matcha flavored drinks so I made my Dad try Akiba’s Matcha Trifle! So glad he loved it! 🙂 <3 YUM

Huge bag of awesomeness from Forever21!

I love shopping with my Dad!! He doesn’t say “no” Hahahaha (whuuuut a greedy girl this girl LOL)

Got these cutesy Forever 21 pens!!Gave the pink pen to my Sister since I know she wouldn’t take it if I give her the yellow one :)) It only occurred to me that I could’ve got another set of pens from Forever21 if I have bought anything worth 400PHP to add to my bill! #Sayang

This welcomed me when I arrived home 🙂 My sissy is such a sweetheart! <3

How cute is this key chain? 🙂 I want to see the Eiffel Tower with my family!!! No one else, but my family! <3

My Dad did not wait for me for almost an hour and a half in Forever 21 cause that would be too unforgiving (haha) :))  He bought me these 2 babies on the first hour of my shopping extravaganza! Aren’t they cute? We both love these because they are super lightweight and the color is super girly! The Travel Club is really the place to go for travel needs! 🙂

Accessorize is one of the “accessory havens” in Manila!! I just couldn’t refrain myself from not buying the babies inside the envelopes! :))

So yeah, decided to post this since it’s Saturday and I miss shopping with my family! 😐 Ugh,, time will fly… it will!

Just because I want to post anything that has been taken here ..and unfortunately my face is in it! #chot

Hi from somewhere far from the Philippines,

R <3


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