See you soon, Manila!

It has been 13 days already since I’ve arrived here in the States. I feel like it has been forever already!Part of me wants to speed up time so I can see my family already but the other half me wants to stay to go shopping (lol)  and of course LEARN! I wouldn’t talk about my work nor life here yet cause again, it deserves a solo post that I have to work on my next free day! My schedule is just jam-packed lately that it even takes me a few days to reply to the personal messages on my phone and Facebook! Anyway, here’s what transpired on my departure in Manila last 03.03.12!

*Kudos to my Sissy for taking photos! Never have I imagined to have such photos! Lol

It was really hard for me to turn my back on the people that I love. I had to force myself to act fine and play it cool.

My Batutsyyyy 🙁 I miss you so much already!!! I bet you’ll be MUCH bigger than me when I get back!!!

I have a very close family (just click the “FAMILY” tab on the right side of my page and you’ll see a glimpse of how close our family is).Being apart with each other is something that we cannot really get used to, no matter how long or often it may be, not being complete during Sundays or just merely knowing that one family member is not there is unbearable. So being away from them for a full year is depressing in both ways! But, it is a decision that we have to make and a life that we have to deal with for a while.

The moment the lady in the exit point at the airport told me that I only have 15 minutes left to bid farewell to my family, I felt my heart crash down. 15 minutes would not be enough,but I know that the longer that I stay the harder it will be for us to part ways!

I was holding it all together but the second I hugged my Lola, I just broke down and cried like a baby! #OFWkungOFWangSCENEteh!

It was the hardest for my Dad. I am a Daddy’s Girl so being away from him is really despairing and something that he cannot acclimate.

What I dislike about my decision is the fact that it made my family really sad. Don’t get me wrong, they are more than happy for me but pursuing a dream that would take you 8571.1 miles away is really heartbreaking.

My Sissy looks really pretty in this photo 🙂 I loved her “sweetheart” look that night! 🙂

I’m officially the Queen of Over-packing and Excess baggage!

One thing that I cannot do is to pack lightly! 🙁

I wanted all of my bags to be pink! From my laptop case to my luggage bags. But since I only had a few hours to look for a hand carry I settled for tangerine (I was psyching myself that it was close to pink LOL)

I loooove this luggage belt that my Mom bought for me!! 🙂  The purple belts on my other luggage bag was stolen!! Plus, the lock was already broken when I claimed my baggage’s 🙁

Got approached twice because of this bag in San Francisco! 🙂 #Flattered

This was how I packed my stuff! 😛 I love doing this so my clothes will not be clutteredwhen I open my luggage!

Waited for my flight in Mabuhay Lounge.

Mabuhay Lounge’s Dining Area

Seeing the food in the buffet reminded me of my OJT days in PAL 🙂 Haha

I made sure that I try everything! It’s not everyday that I get to be in Mabuhay Lounge! :))

Started my late evening with a salad! Had my first meal for the day at 10PM!!

Love the pandan cake! 🙂

I was able to try the “famous lugaw” too! But I was not able to take a photo! It was really GOOD! The positive remarks about it are really true 🙂

I have the sweetest Dad ever!!! <3 I am very blessed to have an amazing father!  🙂

It was a 12 hour flight to San Francisco, California. Glad I have a book and an entertainment screen to keep me sane! 😛

Next Stop: San Francisco 🙂

Hope I did not bore you,

R <3

P.S. sorry for the constant typos that I’ve been having in most of my entries 🙁 My head is just too bombarded with thoughts lately 🙁

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