Is retail therapy a curse?

I am ecstatic right now! If you’re my friend on Facebook you’d know why! But since it’s not yet the perfect time for me to talk about it here on this blog yet, I’ll just put it on hold and blab about the curse that I am trapped in… Is it really a curse? You be the judge.

03.12.2012 – She’ll be fat in no time!

My roomie and I went to Sam’s Club to sign up for a membership! I love anything exclusive! Cause I know that the service/ goods that I will be receiving is going to be one of the best!

Pluuuus, I love having cards with my name on it! (That’s why my wallets are always bulky)

Anyway, here are some of my awesome finds during our grocery day!

I don’t really like indulging myself with “junk” food! But these are just too hard to resist!

Let’s see how long will it take me to finish all of these! I have a feeling that these will be in my room for 6 months!! :)))

I couldn’t stop myself from not buying these for my family! I know I’ve been in the States for 10 days only when I bought these but  retail therapy really helps  my soul drift away from loneliness! I can’t wait to send these soon!!

These Bibles are too awesome and perfect for my siblings!! One of the best gifts that I’ll be giving them!! 🙂

03.13.2012 – Still in therapy


Was not able to take a photo of the restaurant so I outsourced instead. Yikes

My roomie Rose Ann and I had the same day-off again so we’ve decided to go shopping (again). We started our day by pigging out in Ruby Buffet! It’s very similar to Hibachi! From the type of service,servers and food! 🙂

My fortune cookie was very accurate! This definitely made me smile! 🙂

Finally!! Going to Forever 21 DEFINITELY made me feel that I was not away from my loved ones!! :))) Shopping really does help me…A LOT!

My first milk tea in ze States!! I was on cloud 9 while drinking this!! I finished my drink in just 3 minutes(yes I timed myself lol).


With my uber fun and kind roomie..who gave me a lot of space for my stuff in our room (lol) 🙂

Thank you,scarf! #Panira

Williams-Sonoma!! Culinary slash Baking HAVEN!!!!!! Omg I died when I was there! Aaaah <3

Happy Camper lol

Some of my awesome finds that day!

MY love since highschool! Don’t you just love how girly and awesome these are? So in love with these!

Love at first sight!

I love using these at work!! Saves me time and makes my product more neat! 🙂

Need I say more? Can’t wait to go home and hand this in my sissy and I’s room! Yiiiiie!! <3 <3 <3

Bag tags!! Too cute for me to pass!

Michael’s Raw Bar and Grill with roomies and co-workers 🙂

Since I am not really into drinking alcoholic bevarages, I asked the bartender to make something non-alcoholic! This was really amazing that I had 2 glasses of this!! *take me to Michael’s now please*

This was off the drink list 🙂

A shot of “fruit loops” for everyone! Less alcohol for me of course! Lol

Will work on another entry,

R <3

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