Baguio ’12: First of the Second

I am currently swamped in work and change. If it weren’t for my brother’s tweets I wouldn’t have known that it’s Holy Week already. One event that I look forward to each year is the Holy Week because of Visita Iglesia. The gratifying feeling that I get in every church that I step into is just too priceless. I am adapting to change as I immerse myself into a different culture. Anyway, since it is very timely now, I’ve decided to work on this entry – our second day in Baguio 🙂

c/o Remo

Spent our daytime in SM Baguio.

I won’t get tired of reiterating that I really dislike going to any SM malls! They are ALWAYS crowded! Rowdy places gives me headache and makes me irascible 😐

There are only a few restaurant choices in SM Baguio so we ended up in Teriyaki Boy. nothing exciting so I won’t be blabbing about the food that much! Heehee (Yay or nay?)

Good Morning 🙂

“Learn to achieve what you really want, and love the things you already have” ♥

Kudos to Teriyaki Boy SM Baguio for making me a yogurt mango shake!Yay <3

Philadelphia Rolls

Daddy and I’s favorite! nomnomnom! I MISSS YOU!!! 🙁

Seafood Tepan for me!! <3

Going to church is something that we do not miss every time we are in Baguio 🙂

Love this photo of my Parents! 🙂

Went to Mr. Beans Cafe in Camp John Hay with Chella and Renzo to kill time before dinner 🙂

The server was very dear to us! 🙂 She opened the garden area for my siblings and I <3

Since my brother couldn’t contain himself, he almost lost my Dad’s shoe for 15 years already by being the usual – dippy!

It fell on a low cliff,and since it was really dark already we had a hard time searching for it. The server of Mr. Beans Cafe was such an angel for helping us by calling a security personnel!

And as if losing a shoe for almost an hour was not torture enough, he ripped off his pants out of too much joy! He jumped when get his shoe,and since he is such a fatso (LMAO) his pants gave up on him! Tsk tsk. Hahaha

BTIC milkshakes for the arte girl in me! Non-fat is definitely the way! Heehee

Blueberry Muffin 🙂


Make every week Holy,.

Reflect on life with him always.

Be guided and spiritually nourished.

Stay safe everyone,

R <3

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