Alex,Alexis and Chloe

“How you spend each day determines how you will spend the rest of your life” 

I love contemplating on life during my alone time. I always think it is a blessing to be able to reflect on how my day went, see the beauty in everything that comes my way or just merely exist and make each day count. You see, I am scared..scared to put a day to waste and not learn something new. Everyday is my favorite day, big or small, everything that happens within my day is special, and I just love how amazing it makes me feel at the end of each day. Anywaysies, here’s a photo blog about my recent Monday off with my roomies 🙂

Taco Bell’s Mango Strawberry Splashberry 🙂 NOM! So addicted to smoothies lately!

Unfortunately, they don’t have my favorite..potato tots with loads of cheese and sour cream! 🙁

Asian Market x Taco Bell for the first half of our morning 🙂
Saw a lot of weird preserved stuff!Wish they had chicken \or fish tocino 🙁 So missing that since our Asian grocery trip! 🙁

Since it was a beautiful morning..I asked Karen and Charm to visit the playground with me! (unleashing the kid in me once in a while haha).

One thing that I love about the paartment that we live in is that it’s a very family-oriented community. Most of our neighbors are young families or old couples. It makes me feel safe and at ease. 🙂

Met a lot of sweet kiddos! Definitely made me miss my cousins 🙁

Sweethearts <3 The little girl in stripes said “I love you” to me when I told her that I have to leave already. Haha <3

Look how cute her hair is!!!

Wish I could catch up with them again!! <3

Forever 21 all over. 🙂

Thanks to Ate Raffy for the cutesy elephant top! <3

Side reel: Look how HUGE my kitchen uniform is!!! Haha

Have a blessed day y’all,

R <3

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