First: Second Outfit

Last entry about my first time in DC 🙂 Since I am VERY maarte , I had two outfits that day! I just LOVE dressing up every time I’m outside the kitchen! 🙂 It defies freedom to me. Haha 🙂 Anyway, my outfit revolved around my new baby – this awesome pair of DAS heels! Thanks to my amazing family for sending this to me!! <3

Wore the same accessories

Black x White peg for our dinner! 🙂

Top: Forever21

Black Bandage Skirt: Topshop

Tights: H&M

Heels: DAS

Will update you all with something fresh SOON,

R <3


First: 1st Outfit

Say hello to my first outfit last 05.21.2012! 🙂 I have to make this quick cause I am going to another adventure with my favorite people in an hour (or hopefully LESS!) haha 🙂 I’ve been saving this outfit for something “sun” worthy and I am glad I was able to wear on our “first” “chorvaers” hahaha!

I look preggers and extra fat in this shot! hahaha


Mirror shots!

I love how the prints on my dress scream “spring/summer”!

Wore accessories that can match my second outfit! 🙂

One of my favorite flats! 🙂

Excited to go crazy shopping in Delaware,

R <3

First: Dinner and Everything Nice

Third part of our DC trip! 🙂 I love how we were able to stretch our day and make the most out of it! I am such a lucky girl!! 🙂 <3

Harry Potter-ish :))

Spent more than an hour inside this huge Forever21! I was so close to having a headache cause  there were too much beautiful pieces surrounding me!! I just want to have them all! The one in New York is bigger and I think I’ll pass out the next time I go there! :)))))

Had dinner at Bistrot du Coin. Too French for my life #chos

P.S. The photos sucks! 🙁 I won’t blab about it since it’s too disappointing and once again, my camera did not give justice to these amazing plates! 🙁

Dolcezza for dessert!! Italian ice cream lovin’ <3 <3 <3

Had 2 large cups because of their hazelnut gelato!! OMGGGG


Received my OtterBox that day! I am so in love with it because it’s too perfect for my workaholic life! :)) I always drop my phone or get it all wet when I’m at work 🙁 Protecting it with this AWESOME case makes my life less-stressful..#echos #OA! But seriously speaking though, not having to worry about my phone when I’m at work is such a breather!

P.S. That white clip thingy is removable! 🙂

Pink and White!!

It will look kinda bulky than the usual but I find it awesome still. iPhone is iPhone!

Forever21 finds!! <3 Loveeeeee!

Next: Outfit posts! 🙂


Hello Memorial Day,

R <3

First: Chinatown

Second part of our DC trip last 05.21.2012 🙂

After our interactive visit in Smithsonian Museum/NMAH we decided to “abuse” the lovely weather by walking around the city. The weather was warm and the sun shined brightly which made our afternoon extra special 🙂

Random snaps while walking around 🙂

Went to DC’s Chinatown after a few minutes of walking 🙂

He is too fond of Asian food..while I am so tired of it! Haha. It doesn’t excite me since my Dad and I goes to Chinese restaurants a lot when I was still in the Philippines :))

We passed by this petite Deli shop! Got giddy when I saw their Boba Tea signs!! 🙂

Their Taro Bubble Tea is the best Taro Tea that I’ve ever had since I got here! I must come back soon!!! Haha

Chinese food for afternoon snack! 😛

Fresh noodle and dumplings!!

This bantam Chinese restaurant reminded me of the usual Chinese restaurants that we have in Ongpin, Manila!

Duck Noddle Soup

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings – nomnomnom!!!

My fortune cookie <3


Next Stop: French Dinner <3

Will rush myself to work (haha),

R <3

First of First

Finally! Time to finish this entry! Yay! 🙂 I will try my best to make this interesting and full of life (#echos). I feel like I am starting to suck at this blog thingy ever since I got here, all my creative juices are being sucked slowly by work! Hahaha :)) Anyway, here’s what transpired last 05.21.2012 – the best day for the month of May 2012! 🙂

Instagram knows the details about these photos 🙂 <3

Spent our lovely day-off at Washington DC! 🙂

It was raining in MD when we left. I really thought it would make our trip stressful and less fun but God was really amazing for giving us a lovely weather when we got to DC!  🙂

Pitango in DC! #Awesome

Our trip officially started  in Pitango! I swear I will never get tired of eating gelato!! Nomnomnom #TakeMeToPitangoNowPLEASE!

                                                     Spent a few hours in Smithsonian Museum! 🙂

Dumbo reminded me of Batutsy!!!! <3 <3 <3

Bradford Dollhouse 

I wish I could just take this home 🙁 I love dollhouses! This reminded me of my childhood and my cousin Ate Ruffa. #KidAtHeart


This is super duper hard!!!!!!

Got giddy when I saw this!! 🙂 This is for you my Sissy!

P.S. Forgive my haggard-ish look! 

Lego time!!! Spent most of our assembling this! :))

My favorite spot 🙂

I miss you so much, Boobie!!! 🙂

Got crazy in editing this photo since I look ugly in this photo! haha

For my sibs!! Missing them sooooo much 🙁

The main reason why I wanted to go at NMAH! Got super excited when his Mom told us about Julia Child’s kitchen!! 🙁

Harry Potter!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Next Stop:  After..noon!


Sleepy but excited for Tuesday,

R <3

Wrong Tights

I feel soooo tired right now! I had the most amazing day for the month of May yesterday and I wish it could just be like that forever! I might be working for 7 days straight and it gives me nothing but anxiety. This summer is just too busy for our workplace 🙁 BUT despite of our crazy schedule I am still happy and grateful for being part of this wonderful team! The experience is priceless! Being on the line and handling a station by myself is nothing that I have ever expected before I got here 🙂

I do not know what to say about this outfit since my head is full of thoughts about WORK! And what did they say about leaving “work” at work? It doesn’t really WORK for me! Yadda yadda, all I know is I wore the wrong tights that day! I totally forgot about the tights that I bought from H&M! This tights is just too thin for a cold weather and too see-through for my bandage skirt! Haha :))

Top: Love Culture

Bandage Skirt: Topshop

Heels: So Fab


Can’t wait to post our pictures yesterday,

R <3

Asian Court

There’s a lot going on in my life now – oil splash infection on my face, wound on my knee and a week that will only have one day-off! I’m not really bummed out about the fact of working for 6 days, but the idea of working from 9 am to 10PM and not being able to eat out for the rest of the week just simply bums me out! I look forward to trying new restaurants each week and I will be able to do it this Monday. AND this page will “maybe” be idle for a little while because of the hectic schedule that I am having 😐 But I still wish I could have the time to post a couple of entries 🙂 Anywaysies, here’s what transpired  2 weeks ago! 🙂

Drove to Ellicott City just to eat here! Haha 🙂

*We “might” have ordered a lot for two :))

Beef Chao Fan

Pork Spareribs

Dim sum overload!

Truth is, I’ve had better Chinese food back home. Their “siopao” was really disappointing and the pork spareribs lacked flavor. 😐

Monday rush hour traffic!

photos via Instagram

Went to Towson to shop! Got craaaaazy again :))

Italian food for dinner! 🙂 @ Fazzoli’s!

Salad and Wings for me! As usual :))

Next: Outfit post :))

P.S. Yeah, our room is kinda messy that day! :))))


R <3

Nothing special

Here’s a random backlog post that is worth sharing. I’m still swamped (as always) with work! It’s getting busier and more exciting each day! Thanks to Him for giving me the strength and enthusiasm to go to work with a motivated mind and inspired soul 🙂 Anyway, since I do not have the time to blab AGAIN, here’s a food entry! This happened 8 months ago, so before they rot and get dumped, I’ve decided to work on it today!

Random Ramen day with Culinary friends! 🙂

I want to go to Japan and have an authentic Ramen! #RamenGirl

Tempura Ice Cream – not a fan


Best Oreo Milkshake I had!!!!!!!!

Buffalo Sandwich

Onion Rings


7 months ago…



Hating the tingy on my face,

R <3


May 1st outfit post 🙂 One of my favorite days definitely 🙂 *less words,more pictures

Blending in with the beauty of this place 🙂

Blazer: Forever 21

Top: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Forgive my face :))


Can’t wait for tomorrow night,

R <3

Days like THIS

Looking at these photos depresses me a bit. I’ll be “welcoming” another “full” week at work again! 12-13 hours of work for 5 days and 2 day-offs that doesn’t come around quickly. I do not want to sound that I am complaining,but as I embrace long hours at work, I feel like my days here are being too hasty and I’m afraid that I would not get to stretch the days that I have left.

Anyway, this is how I spent the 1st day of May 2012. It was a perfect day, amidst of the cold weather the sun shined beautifully that day and everything around me was extra charming. I just wish I could have more days like this,but I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon 🙁

Started our beautiful day at Sticky Rice. A quaint Asian Restaurant downtown 🙂

The place was not packed cause we went there for lunch 🙂

Teriyaki Asian Wings for me!! <3

Singapore Noodles

Lettuce Wrap with Shrimps for the vegetable lover in me! :))

Adoring the vintage vibes of this town! 🙂

I love how my outfit amalgamated with the beautiful environment 🙂

Favorite door of the day! Haha 🙂

It got really colder when we walked near the waters!

Best part of the day – GELATO!

Sat beside the window side 🙂 Gelato x Beuaitful View = Prcieless

Hazelnut Gelato Affogato!

Had 3 cups of gelato that day, yes THREE, TRES, TATLO, TROIS, 3! 

I got crazy with their hazelnut gelato, so I’ve tried it with pistachio, vanilla and creme alongside! The smooth texture of their gelato is just too divine for words!

Pitango is now on top of my list when it comes to Gelato!!! <3

I love how calm and beautiful this state is 🙂 <3

Shopped after my lovely gelato time! :))

Went to Yasou for some Greek dinner! 🙂

The souvlaki was amazing! It made me miss Manila of course! This would’ve been better with yogurt shake but yeah, whatevs. Haha 🙂

Favorite items! 🙂


I cannot wait to go to downtown or just spend another beautiful day outside the apartment or work! Things are getting crazy exciting at work lately, I couldn’t ask for more actually (in terms of what I have been procuring inside the kitchen) cause this opportunity is a blessing – a beautiful one. Every working day is another story. I even have to pinch myself sometimes just to know that these are all true – that I am working with great minds; that I am on the line ; that I am in an actual Hell’s Kitchen. Haha :)) But yadda yadda, I’ll just cheer myself up with all these beautiful thoughts 🙂

Can’t wait for Monday,

R <3

All that “Chazz”

Food, shopping and a lovely weather are the perfect ingredients for an awesome day. Lovely places takes my entire soul to cloud 9, amazing food leaves me breathless. I am very fortunate to have all of these around – food, amazing environment and a person who never fails to make each day count.

Since I’m a gelato freak, we stopped by this beautiful Italian Bakery first.

The cold weather can never stop me from getting a cup of gelato! EVER :))

The place is packed with awesome food! Can’t wait to go back and try their food!


Their pistachio was a disappointment, but their hazelnut gelato took me straight to heaven!

After a cup of gelato, and good walk at my happy place (downtown) we then headed to Chazz.

7PM and it’s still bright! <3

Brick Oven Pizza!! :))

We went there on a Friday night, so as expected the place was packed! We were seated at the Pizza Bar, which made everything more awesome!

Pasta bar! <3

Fresh Pasta will always be divine!

Warm homemade bread will never fail me. Ever.

 Contandina: Beshamel, Swiss Chard, Speck Ham, Farmer’s Egg (over easy),
Pecorino, Robiola

This has got to be the best pizza that I’ve ever had!! Too perfect for words!

Mouthwatering baby!

Wild Mushrooms for meeeee!


Nutella Pizza!! Too bad this photo is too yellow-ish! 🙁


R <3

Forget me not

I am such a happy girl today! 🙂 I got home from work a few hours earlier than what I am supposed to! I have a CRAZY schedule this week! It’s like I have to bargain for my sleep and “me time aka shopping x food trip”. Anyway, since I only have a few minutes for cyber world, I’ve decided to work on an entry that doesn’t require too much words (haha).

Asian Buffet at Yakimix.

Food – nothing exciting and special!

An outfit that is ready for “battle”

Can’t wait to go boxing again!!!

Pink x “Sparkly sparkly”

Mac Lovin’


So yeah, I promise to get back to everyone’s personal messages, tweets and comments soon! I cannot translate into words how busy I am and how I just want to pause it for a while and breathe! Eek 🙁

The girl who needs a break,

R <3

The Fatty

Mondays are meant for adventures -that’s a pact that I have made with myself. Being surrounded with people who would go on an adventure with you is a blessing. 🙂

I spent my Monday 2 weeks ago at Annapolis. It was a beautiful but another cold day!! Frances and I were freezing to death (as usual) but retail therapy kept us “warm” or maybe crazier. Lol

Love how this place is jam-packed with nice restaurants and Culinary finds!!!! <3

Had lunch in Philly Flash.

Fell in love with the interiors of this quaint cheese steak restaurant! 🙂

Beef Cheese steak

Roger holding a wing on his left hand and cheesesteak on his right hand! :)))))

Wings for mooiiiii! <3

First time to try a drive-thru banking service! AWESOME!

My first Gelato in the States! OMG I DIED!!!! <3 Pistachio x Hazelnut gelato <3 <3 <3 #GelatoAddictRepresent

Had a yogurt and smoothie while shopping.

Cold food on a freezing day, what’s up with that? Hahaha 🙂

First Persian food experience in the States (so yeah basically I had a lot of “firsts” that day haha)

This was very reminiscent to Mister Kabab’s Chicken Special Chelo Kebab that I always get when I was still in the Philippines! The only thing missing is the Yogurt Shake that becomes even more special when my Dad buys it for me after a long day at work 🙂

c/o Frances 🙂

Awesome finds for the day! 🙂

Couldn’t get out of Victoria’s Secret without this baby! Makes me want to go on a weekend adventure because of this bag! Haha

Sparkly sparkly!

Peace Sign Bookend!!! <3

Awesome finds from Sur La Table! <3

Can’t wait to use this baby!

I am still on Cloud 9 because of these babies!! Looking at these photos makes me want to hit the mall and get crazy again…or maybe not! Hahaha 🙂 #chos

The Avengers tonight (finally)

R <3

2 down

I’ve just downed another month from my almost 13-month stay here 2 days ago.  I’ve been meaning to post this entry last 05.03.2012 but since time is not really my friend now, I had to put it off and work on it today.Hopefully I can still find the right words and transcend into you guys how amazing the month of April was, and how quickly it went by 😐 Anyway, here are some random snaps from the past month 🙂

Filipino fare at the De Guzman residence! 🙂

My partner for the night – Jem!

I will just let the photo speak for itself. Haha

My 3 little piggos!!!!! <3

P.S. I don’t think I’ll ever use these!! Hahahaha

Packages make me happy 🙂 This definitely took my tired soul to cloud 9 that night! 🙂

Aldo heels <3

First lunch 🙂

Hot soup for a cold morning! 🙂 Tom Yum = Nomnomnom

So lucky to have this place nearby the apartments!!! My to-go place before and after work!! Hahahaha

I love you, Cold Stone!!!!! 🙂

Shake them Berries and Berry Crumble forevaaaaah! <3

100th like 2 weeks ago 🙂 Thank you everyone for visiting this page even if I do not update it just as much like before! I really wish time would permit me after this dreadful week 🙁

One of the best parts of my month!!!! <3 Received the care package from mi familia <3

Huge and heavy that made my entire month!!!! <3

My co-worker hahahaha

Awww >3 From my sibs!!!! Cutesy pillow and a bear <3

Here are some of the items inside the box 🙂

My siblings know me too much!!!!! <3 <3 <3

All of these are PERFECT!!! So in love with these! <3

From my Sissy <3 The awesomest! <3

P.S. I like this shot so much!

Rosaries x Letter

From Klariz and Remo!!!!

THIS IS JUST TO ASDFGHJKL!!!! I squealed like a pig when I saw this!!! <3

From my Batutsy!!!! Made me miss him more 🙁

From my awesome Sissy again! <3

Me being weird (again)

Wish I could send my self to the Philippines using this box since I can fit in it! Hahahahaha

Ihop breakfast for the last Sunday of April!!! <3

Deep fried Strawberry and Banana Cheesecake! 🙂

This reminded me of our local food in the Philippines – turon.

My kind of omelette!! Tomato x Spinach x Mushrooms!!!!! Perfect <3

Time to prep for work,

R <3

Honey Pig

Had a super “Asian” day last 04.23.2012. Went to Honey Pig after our H Mart (a super awesome Asian grocery) adventure. I seriously do not know how to start this entry so I would just let the photos speak for itself.. (or maybe chos lang haha). I love eating out, and I will never get tired of saying it! I feel the same joy every time I try a new restaurant or buy a new top! :)) Anyway, enough with the blabbing.

Korean Barbecue = Happy tummy!

It was raining the whole day so I sort of “froze to death” :)) The free coffee at Honey Pig was perfect in every way! It was how I want my coffee to be, sweet and not too strong. Haha

Very Korean-ish!

I was in “Korea” for a night! Hahaha


Okra Soup

My Yogurt drink and Coffee! Haha

The yogurt drink tasted like Yakult with a hint of Jasmine! YUM!

Pork Belly

My Bibimbap! This was AWESOME!!!! I felt guilty after finishing this bowl but yeah whatever.. I love bibimbap and nothing can keep me away from it! Hahahaha

Egg for some chorva

Bulgogi x Pork Belly

Smokeeeeey! The bulgogi was really GOOD!

Girly cocktail drink! :)) I forgot what it’s called but the name was cute as I try to recall. Anyway, this was a bit too strong for me (since I am not really a drinker haha).

I cannot wait to go back! What’s more awesome about this place is that it’s open for 24 hours!!!! Yaysies! <3

Meet… Honey Pig! :))


2 months tomorrow,

R <3 xx