Honey Pig

Had a super “Asian” day last 04.23.2012. Went to Honey Pig after our H Mart (a super awesome Asian grocery) adventure. I seriously do not know how to start this entry so I would just let the photos speak for itself.. (or maybe chos lang haha). I love eating out, and I will never get tired of saying it! I feel the same joy every time I try a new restaurant or buy a new top! :)) Anyway, enough with the blabbing.

Korean Barbecue = Happy tummy!

It was raining the whole day so I sort of “froze to death” :)) The free coffee at Honey Pig was perfect in every way! It was how I want my coffee to be, sweet and not too strong. Haha

Very Korean-ish!

I was in “Korea” for a night! Hahaha


Okra Soup

My Yogurt drink and Coffee! Haha

The yogurt drink tasted like Yakult with a hint of Jasmine! YUM!

Pork Belly

My Bibimbap! This was AWESOME!!!! I felt guilty after finishing this bowl but yeah whatever.. I love bibimbap and nothing can keep me away from it! Hahahaha

Egg for some chorva

Bulgogi x Pork Belly

Smokeeeeey! The bulgogi was really GOOD!

Girly cocktail drink! :)) I forgot what it’s called but the name was cute as I try to recall. Anyway, this was a bit too strong for me (since I am not really a drinker haha).

I cannot wait to go back! What’s more awesome about this place is that it’s open for 24 hours!!!! Yaysies! <3

Meet… Honey Pig! :))


2 months tomorrow,

R <3 xx

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