All that “Chazz”

Food, shopping and a lovely weather are the perfect ingredients for an awesome day. Lovely places takes my entire soul to cloud 9, amazing food leaves me breathless. I am very fortunate to have all of these around – food, amazing environment and a person who never fails to make each day count.

Since I’m a gelato freak, we stopped by this beautiful Italian Bakery first.

The cold weather can never stop me from getting a cup of gelato! EVER :))

The place is packed with awesome food! Can’t wait to go back and try their food!


Their pistachio was a disappointment, but their hazelnut gelato took me straight to heaven!

After a cup of gelato, and good walk at my happy place (downtown) we then headed to Chazz.

7PM and it’s still bright! <3

Brick Oven Pizza!! :))

We went there on a Friday night, so as expected the place was packed! We were seated at the Pizza Bar, which made everything more awesome!

Pasta bar! <3

Fresh Pasta will always be divine!

Warm homemade bread will never fail me. Ever.

 Contandina: Beshamel, Swiss Chard, Speck Ham, Farmer’s Egg (over easy),
Pecorino, Robiola

This has got to be the best pizza that I’ve ever had!! Too perfect for words!

Mouthwatering baby!

Wild Mushrooms for meeeee!


Nutella Pizza!! Too bad this photo is too yellow-ish! 🙁


R <3

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