Days like THIS

Looking at these photos depresses me a bit. I’ll be “welcoming” another “full” week at work again! 12-13 hours of work for 5 days and 2 day-offs that doesn’t come around quickly. I do not want to sound that I am complaining,but as I embrace long hours at work, I feel like my days here are being too hasty and I’m afraid that I would not get to stretch the days that I have left.

Anyway, this is how I spent the 1st day of May 2012. It was a perfect day, amidst of the cold weather the sun shined beautifully that day and everything around me was extra charming. I just wish I could have more days like this,but I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon 🙁

Started our beautiful day at Sticky Rice. A quaint Asian Restaurant downtown 🙂

The place was not packed cause we went there for lunch 🙂

Teriyaki Asian Wings for me!! <3

Singapore Noodles

Lettuce Wrap with Shrimps for the vegetable lover in me! :))

Adoring the vintage vibes of this town! 🙂

I love how my outfit amalgamated with the beautiful environment 🙂

Favorite door of the day! Haha 🙂

It got really colder when we walked near the waters!

Best part of the day – GELATO!

Sat beside the window side 🙂 Gelato x Beuaitful View = Prcieless

Hazelnut Gelato Affogato!

Had 3 cups of gelato that day, yes THREE, TRES, TATLO, TROIS, 3! 

I got crazy with their hazelnut gelato, so I’ve tried it with pistachio, vanilla and creme alongside! The smooth texture of their gelato is just too divine for words!

Pitango is now on top of my list when it comes to Gelato!!! <3

I love how calm and beautiful this state is 🙂 <3

Shopped after my lovely gelato time! :))

Went to Yasou for some Greek dinner! 🙂

The souvlaki was amazing! It made me miss Manila of course! This would’ve been better with yogurt shake but yeah, whatevs. Haha 🙂

Favorite items! 🙂


I cannot wait to go to downtown or just spend another beautiful day outside the apartment or work! Things are getting crazy exciting at work lately, I couldn’t ask for more actually (in terms of what I have been procuring inside the kitchen) cause this opportunity is a blessing – a beautiful one. Every working day is another story. I even have to pinch myself sometimes just to know that these are all true – that I am working with great minds; that I am on the line ; that I am in an actual Hell’s Kitchen. Haha :)) But yadda yadda, I’ll just cheer myself up with all these beautiful thoughts 🙂

Can’t wait for Monday,

R <3

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