Nothing special

Here’s a random backlog post that is worth sharing. I’m still swamped (as always) with work! It’s getting busier and more exciting each day! Thanks to Him for giving me the strength and enthusiasm to go to work with a motivated mind and inspired soul 🙂 Anyway, since I do not have the time to blab AGAIN, here’s a food entry! This happened 8 months ago, so before they rot and get dumped, I’ve decided to work on it today!

Random Ramen day with Culinary friends! 🙂

I want to go to Japan and have an authentic Ramen! #RamenGirl

Tempura Ice Cream – not a fan


Best Oreo Milkshake I had!!!!!!!!

Buffalo Sandwich

Onion Rings


7 months ago…



Hating the tingy on my face,

R <3

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