Italian, Mexican and Everything Nice

Random shenanigans during the month of May 2012. I terribly miss eating out and going downtown to spend the wee hours of my day. My life is in major work mode and I feel like time is running too fast. My perspective and goals has changed a bit and all I know is, God is with me through these all and He will be the answer to every dream. 🙂 Anyway, my life revolves around food! I work with food on most days,and yearn to eat great food every single day. It’s like a disease that can never go away. Eating out after a great day of shopping,or just merely embracing a day with food is something that I always look forward to. However,working with food is a different story. It’s amazing and there’s just too much to tell. It defies how unexpected life can be and how the overwhelming feeling of being blessed is.

Italian night in Chiapparelis 05.05.2012! This place looks amazing inside out, but the food was quite disappointing 🙁  It is located in downtown’s Little Italy which made it seem like it’s classy or something.

The salad was AAAAH-mazing though! I must say, it was one of the best salads that I’ve ever had here in the States! And I swear I am drooling right now! “Chappa chappa salad please!”


Mexican lunch in El Salto last 05.15.2012.

It was a rainy day and the thingy on my forehead made me doleful. After visiting the Doctor, “:)” took me to this Mexican restaurant to cheer me up,he knows I love Mexican food! 🙂

Salsa x Warm Tortillas. YUM

My Chicken Faitas with Cheesy Re-fried Beans! 🙂

I am not really a fan of beans, but this amazing beans took me straight to heaven the cheesiness and texture of this side is just to awesome for words!! Take me to El Salto now PLEASE!

HUGGGE chicken burrito!


..and yeah, my jacket for work says I’m “Rianne” — of course it does! I wonder if they’ll even change it! Haha.

Flaunting that ugly thing on my forehead with some of my favorite girls! 🙂

Busy nights are less stressful when they are around! Some of my favorite food runners! 🙂

Can’t believe Joy is about leave soon! I’ll definitely miss how she effortlessly makes me laugh in the middle of a crazy dinner service! Working on the line has never been too tiring with amazing people around 🙂 It’s a gift that I will always be grateful for!

Please stay 🙁 Life has been more amazing with you around!!!! 🙁

3 months tomorrow,

R <3

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