Clementine and the babies

06.03.2012:Today is my 3rd month here in the States. I do not know if I should be sad that I only have 9 months left to live the “American life” or glad that I ONLY HAVE 9 FREAKIN’ MONTHS LEFT (period). I feel like time did not “run” too quickly this month. I have stretched most of my days into a beautiful memory,and that’s what counts (most of the time).  Anyway, I’ve realized that my life revolves around the “F5″ – Faith ; Family ; Food ; Fashion and Freedom. This post will keep on going until God-knows-when if I blab about it all. So I’ll just save it and think of words that can inspire you all 🙂

Food – I had an amazing Friday off 2 weeks ago. After shopping with Ysan in Towson, (insert whatever chorva name here) picked me up and took mo to Clementine. If there’s one thing that can cheer me up quickly and leave me elated for a long time, it would be food! There’s something about good food and nice restaurants that keeps me insane and sane both at the same time. It’s hard to set apart shopping and food when it comes to pointing out which I love more, BUT food defines my passion and accordance to this world. Haha #OA

I love how hip this restaurant is! The menu is fresh and interesting 🙂

Clementine is known for their Charcuterie service. Homemade will always be better! Yay for Clementine! 🙂

Bread x Butter.

Cold = BLAH

Clementine Charcuterie

Chicken Liver  Pâté w/ Tart Cherries; Pork and Duck Creton ; Green Onion and Garlic Bratwurst & Lucille’s Bread and Butter Pickles.


The homemade crackers are just too divine with their amazing pate! I swear I felt like I was 5 kilos heavier but it was all worth it!

Ohhhh-some plate!

Hot tea for me!! 🙂

I love how each component compliments each other! I;m not a fan of chicken thighs and legs but this was ahhmazing!

I loved the whole look of the restaurant! Too bad I did not capture it beautifully 😐 EEK!

Fashion x Family – I love dressing up and I like saying it (whuuut). I spend most of my life in the kitchen -looking all haggard and silly. So every time I get the chance to dress up, I act like a kid hyped inside a toy store! I am blessed with a family who puts up with my being maarte when it comes to clothes. What makes my life more perfect (haha) is that the fact that they all have a good taste with their style! I love days where in we would eat in a nice restaurant,all dressed up and HAPPY! 🙂

This arrived at the perfect time. I was tired and stressed from work and this welcomed me when I got home!! 🙂

DAS baaaaaby!!! 🙂

Thanks to my family for sending this pair!!! OMG <3

Food – One thing that I look forward to each day is to learn something new. I just couldn’t fathom the idea of not attaining anything in a day. This baby arrived at the last day of May. It’s too perfect for words! I love books that are related to Culinary. They keep me elated and sane. Aaaah <3

Finally! I’ve been wanting this book for so loooong! Glad I have it in hardbound. Oh yes <3


Only day-off this week,

r <3

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