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Picture Perfect

This has got to be one of the best Monday off ever. The weather was perfect and everything that transpired was beyond amazing. We only planned a couple of stuff to do for that day and the rest that happened throughout the day was a blessing. I really wish I could just tell the best parts, the awesome ones..the stuff that really made my entire soul glad. I really wish I could. So I’ll just let the photos speak for itself and let time help me unfold how lucky I am to have met these people who makes my journey here extra perfect 🙂

The sun shining so bright from the sun roof of his car 🙂

Took the babies to Sam’s Club. Can’t believe they are leaving soon 🙁

*Trunk full of chocolates! Literally. OMG

Bought matching slippers for my roomie and I 🙂

Eiffel Tower x LOVE <3

Went to Sur La Table in Annapolis to buy a new knife for me!! That place is AWESOME!! <3 Wish I was able to take some photos 🙁

Annapolis to Elllicot City! What’s up Monday rush hour? Psh.

Went to H Mart to buy the ingredients for our dinner!! Yaysy

Random Photos while on our way…home.

Having someone that shares the same passion with you is a gift. We talked about FOOD all day,just the kind of conversation that I want to have with my someone on a beautiful day like this.

Basically, our day revolved around FOOD! Literally.

Beautiful view of the city!

Beautiful view x Perfect Weather x “Love is the End” x ASDFGHJKL = Perfect day!

Say heeeeello to my new knife!

Miyabi is too Asian.

Global is too “man-ish”. Don’t like the handle. Eek Haha

So yeah, don’t tell me I should’ve chosen that cause I have my reasons. Hahaha

Mushrooms for dinner!!! <3

Fresh fish! FINALLY!!! <3

Stock making!

He cooked everything that I’ve been craving for. #AwesomeSomeone

Having dinner with this family is such an overwhelming blessing. It was bliss. I wouldn’t spend my Monday off any other way. 🙂

Bones being simmered.

Mirepoix for the brown stock.

Stock pot.

P.S. I feel so silly putting captions haha #Facebook

My new babieeeeeeeees <3 So happy!!!!

It was such a perfect day! I felt so welcomed and loved 🙂 I cannot wait for our next Monday off! Aaaah, Thank you Lord! <3


Cannot wait to leave early tomorrow,

R <3


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