Hershey Park 2012

06.11.2012: Hershey Park

This is for you,Daddy 🙂 

Random snaps from our Hershey Park trip a few days ago. What an experience it was! This is going to be a “photo diary”, I am currently out of words and I know the pictures will speak for itself 🙂

Good Morning 🙂 We all gathered early in the morning. We were all so excited!


Seatmate, Jhade 🙂

The hour and a half bus ride did not seem too long at all!



I miss you Bebe Nicole!

Water park!!! Take me baaaaaack

Had lunch in Hershey Park Place 🙂 No fast food for me haha

I swear, I’m going back for this!! Chocolate World!! <3

My cart. Haha

Chocolate x Vanilla Reese’s Cookies

HUGE peanut butter cup cookie. HEAVENLY!!! <3

Someday, I would be able to tell the whole wide jeje land how amazing you are to me 🙂 Thanks for the sweet afternoon! 🙂

Pumpin’ some gas in Pennsylvania! Hahaha 🙂

Truth is, I know my first Hershey Park experience wouldn’t be too fun because my siblings are not with me! It’s always more fun and exciting when I go on a trip like this with them 🙁 Someday babies, we will all be here!! Some daaaay! <3

Just finished talking to my Dad,

R <3

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there!!

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