The girl and New York: Pigale

Second to the last 1st NYC weekend post. 

I like planning things and I love setting goals. It makes me look forward to something, to a day where it will all happen, and to that state of elation during that moment. We did not plan anything for this day. All we know is that we’re driving to New York that morning and the rest written by the stars. I love how this New York trip transpired, it ended with a new “hello”, a gratification of a new opportunity to be able to go there again..soon. If you know me, you would know that I don’t let each opportunity pass, I cannot fathom the idea of losing a chance – a chance to be better and a chance to appreciate life more. I am feeling a little bit of sadness cause I have to disclose this trip into words soon, but thinking about the weeks to come, and the greater opportunity for me to explore this city gives me nothing but excitement. I’m untouchable when it comes to travelling.

Pigale for dinner 🙂

Chorvaers chose this restaurant because of the duck breast. -.-

French restaurant in 8th Ave corner 45th street

Complimentary “cold” bread. I don’t understand why most of the fancy restaurants we go to serves us cold bread. WARM BREAD next time please?

Charcuterie Plate

Something that he loves to order!

I loved the pickled vegetables at the center of the plate, it balances the fatty texture and rich flavor of the cold cuts.

Roasted Poratbellos

Just because I love mushrooms… YUM

Frenched Breast of Chicken

Pan-roasted with garlic and herbs, pommes cocottes, roasted tomato, thyme jus

The chicken was overcooked and under seasoned, the sauce was too bland for my life (OA haha).. but yeah, I was a bit disappointed cause it did not justify the amount that we paid for. I loved the sides though.

Roasted Duck Magret

Haricot Verts, Wild Rice with walnuts & tart cherries, pomegrante sauce.

Angel Hair and Seafood Scampi

After n months!! Finally!!! I got to see Leigh again!!! I love you so much!!!! <3

Cannot wait to be with you again!!!! 🙂 <3

New Jersey bound to drive Leigh home and to see my other friends!!!

Outside their house!! Blurry but whatev.. :))

I missed you all so much!!!!!!!!!

Skype with my favorite Yotchie before heading back home….

Thanks for these Leigh,you’re the sweetest!!! Wait for mine!!! <3

I love you!!! <3

It was definitely one of the best weekends in my life! Just thinking about how lovely that way was,or just by viewing the photos brings me back to cloud 9! I’m so happy that I’ll be able to go back there soon!!! <3 I couldn’t be grateful enough for this blessing <3 🙂

Happy Monday and Tuesday, please?

R <3 xx

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