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NYC Outfit Post: Funny how some low-class people think it’s okay for them to just live a life of imitation. Knowing and seeing things are not a free pass for you to simulate it. Most of the people in this world works hard to achieve something,and just imagine how devastating it is to see and hear that someone is acting like a copy machine..replicating something that I have worked for..words per se. *sigh* Someone really needs an intervention ASAP. I do not want to sound like a mean B, but hey! This scene has been going on and I’m so sick of it. I know you hate the fact that I exist, and it’s quite evident that you hate me cause you’re nothing but insecure,BUT please stop trying to live my life and copy my words. If you think people don’t notice, you’re wrong. The people around you are not moronic to do not notice. I might sound like a mean B now, but’s time for me to speak up! I am getting tired of this..and I just want you to know…you are becoming more inane and shameful by the minute.

Anywaysy, so much for venting about this copycat time to move forward and be better! Haha 🙂

06.18.2012 Outfit

The ring on the right was supposed to be ” I  ♥ NY” BUT unfortunately, I lost the “I” while I was switching bags 🙁

Hmm.. ♥NY still works…right? Haha 🙂

This ” I ♥ NY” ring was quite big for my fingers, so I used this “LOVE” ring as a “stopper”! Love how it looked! 🙂

The lady I was seating across to at the subway pointed at it and said it looks good to his husband. Yieee 🙂

Black-Gold x Orange/Tangerine day!

So happy that he is finally learning how to take good outfit shots. Hahahah.

It’s quite funny how people would give me flattering stares and compliment that day and how he would say that people would always regard me every time we are out. :))

Me with “Bo-bob” at Time Square! 🙂 Just had to take a photo with him for my baby Bea!!! <3 🙂

Next Stop: Fast forward to NYC restaurant week,please? 😛

Can’t wait for Friday to come sooner,

R <3

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