New York and The Girl: MORIMOTO

07.25.2012: Grandest Dinner…to date

The main reason why we drove all the way to New York was because of the restaurant week, it’s not everyday that we’ll get to eat in a fancy shmancy NY restaurant, so we took the opportunity of going there on our day off. We were supposed to have lunch in Boulud Sud but we didn’t make it to our reservation (boohoo). Anyway, I chose Morimoto because their website is so cool (HAHAHHA) #chos… but seriously, cause he is IRON CHEF MORIMOTO..and it’s Asian – win win situation we got there! 🙂 Thing is, they only offer their “prixe menu” for lunch so we what we had for dinner ws from their ala carte menu.

This was quite misleading, we thought it was just some exterior or something so we went inside Chelsea Market to find the “entrance” for the restaurant.

Yes kids, say hello to the awesome entrance of Morimoto’s restaurant in New York!

The place was packed with men in suite and ladies in couture dresses. The host who was wearing a very sharp outfit greeted us as we entered and confirmed our reservation. Such a scenic situtation that I would want to happen every single day of my fattie life. Hahaha

Eel and Avocado Roll

This was awesome! I was so hungry so I kind of munched down 3 sushi’s in just a minute or two. I love how the eel was glazed with teriyaki sauce.

California Roll…NOMNOMNOM!

Chicken Ramen

This was the bomb!!! It was served simply – chicken;noodle;onion; and broth. But, it tasted like it has a thousand ingredients in it! the broth was so flavorful that I swear, I could eat this everyday! *drooling*

Line Caught Halibut

black bean sauce, shaved ginger, hot oil

The doneness of the fish made this dish exceptional!

Duck, Duck, Duck

foie gras croissant, roast duck, soft duck egg, red miso sauce

I wish I could’ve taken more pictures inside, but I do not want to look like a capital I or something so whatevs. The beauty of the restaurant will always remain in my mind…and heart HAHAHA

Quickly Bubble Tea to end our night! 2 for me of course :))))

Tired and sleepy,

R <3 xx


New York and The Girl: Spoiled

07.25.2012: She’s spoiled, and he’s dealing with it.

Second part of our afternoon – Rockefeller Center x Central Park x Topshop. So I will make this quick since it’s a Monday and I have to make each minute count today.


Central Park! The horses scared me…. OMG

Love this photo so much!!! 🙂

Trump International Hotel and Tower

I look lost and this was really a stolen shot..promise! Hahaha

But I like how the globe is above my reminded me that my heels will take me to beautiful places… hahaha echos! I’ll be travelling the world,it is written!

Topshop love foreveeeeer!

The chorvaers bought me a new pair of heels from Topshop!!! I’m so lucccccky!

Went to Paris Sandwich for afternoon snack and bubble tea time!!!


Caramel Flan

Going somewhere today,

R <3 xx

New York and The Girl: Unplanned Visits

07.25.2012: Dora the Explorer and Boots the Monkey

We are “conquering” New York day by the day. I do not want to rush into going to all the places that I must see in just a day cause I do not want to foresee anything.As I look back to the awesomeness of how we spend our NYC days, I can’t help but to wish for time to fast forward to the day that we get to be in NY again.

Flat Iron Art

I’ve been wanting to see this beautiful building since God-knows-when…but I didn’t know it would be that day!

Standing on a rock in the middle of the street..

Yellow Cab x Tall buildings = NYC lovin’

Passed by New York’s Public Library! Took the chance to change and see the beautiful facade! I must go back to see more of its beauty!!

Stolen shot..obviously HAHA

Some view across the library

So we literally walked the whole day – cause it’s the best way to see things when you “travel”. I am so glad we came across this place on our way to Central Park! It definitely made our day more New York-ish! #whuuut

PHL represent. HAHAHAHA

..another discovery while we were walking!! Couldn’t resist sweets.. #SweetToothProblems (lmao)


Pistachio x Vanilla French Macarons!! YUM!!!!!!!


So so so so sleepy,

R <3 xx

The Girl and New York: La Nonna x EATALY

07.25.2012: First Part of the Second

NYC post! Yaaaay 🙂 I am so grateful that we were able to go back to New York again. Our plans and yearns were hanging on a thread because of our busy schedule at work, but the big guy up there is really amazing, he blessed us with an awesome schedule.

Hello Airplane!

Beautiful NYC..

We arrived there at noon, just in time for lunch but 15 minutes late for our reservation in Boulud Sud ( 🙁 )

Since we parked in Chinatown again, we’ve decided to find a nice restaurant in Little Italy.

I don’t know why but there something about white table cloths that makes me want to try a restaurant, so yeah I chose La Nonna because of that…and also because of the Italian Manager and servers. Hahaha

Carb overload for lunch! I did not mind the carbs cause I know we’ll be walking A LOT!

Rigatoni Alla Vodka

Margherita Pizza

I don’t know why there’s no basil on our pizza…. sigh

Capellini Primavera


Empire State Building

Disclaimer: I might not give justice to this awesome place, so yadda yadda here’s Eatlay’s website

So elated when I found out that we are going here! This place is beyond awesome!

Eataly is owned by Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich

Rabbit Meat

* The place was huge and I only have a few good photos (thanks to the chorvaers for being a good travel buddy hahaha)

Can you see that wild boar sausage?

2-3 feet long pasta! If only I could send this to the Philippines… hahaha

Me with a happy bag from Eataly

So glad that we went to that Culinary haven! Cannot wait to go back!!!!

Eataly’s Gelato… the texture of their gelato is too amazing for words! It was so smooth and creamy. NOMNOMNOM!

Leaning towards being sick,

R <3

Random Thought # 1

I admire people who stands up for what they believe in; for what they want ; and for life.

I admire people who makes the most out of what they have.

Our life is too short to waste it on something that could corrupt your entire sanity – even for just a day.

Our life is too beautiful – don’t make a mess out of it.

*Just some of the words that I live by each day


I am glad that I am being raised by parents who let me understand what life is ; who let me define what life is ; and who guided me through life.

I am glad that I have a family who reminds me how amazing life is – no matter how far we are from each other.

Today, I realized that one can find happiness in every aspect of life – even at the saddest and ugliest days of life.

Today, I vow to continue in making each day awesome.


To Him who made each day possible ; each happiness worthwhile ; each sadness worth it.

To Him who showered me with overwhelming and priceless blessings – Life is You.


KJ and the 2 packages

07.23.2012: The Twisted Awesome Monday Off!

I’ll be embracing another awesome week again! God really loves me!!! He blessed me with another awesome schedule to look forward to.. yaysy! 🙂 Anyway,I’ve had a pretty rough Monday morning! I don’t know why but my mood was just out there! We had to go to 2 shopping malls just to make me feel happy,but it did not suffice. Until, we went to Noi’s house and my 2 packages arrived! I really love how things turn around in just a split second.

Went to Columbia for lunch and our first shopping trip.

Lunch by the lake!! 🙂

Clyde’s for lunch.

Hummus with Warm Pita and Vegetables

I love hummus because it reminds me of Baba Ganoush and I fancy Mediterranean food…but this one was quite disappointing, it needed more tahini.

Bison Burger

First time to try bison meat!

Chicken Kabob

I substituted spinach x mushrooms for rice…of course :)) The chicken lacked flavor and I think it’s such a shame that they don’t serve it with any dipping sauce that would make this dish seem more “kabob-ish” (haha) I loved the grilled zucchini and squash though HAHA

They almost forgot about this…*sigh*

So yeah, I could tell that our lunch was pretty dismaying.

Went to Noi’s house after and met Chef Keyon’s son KJ!

Authentic Thai Chicken Curry from a Thai #labo! 🙂

Noi made me a thai curry cause I was feeling gloomy that day! It was the first time that I met her but it felt like she has known me for ages. She was very kind and caring, and her home would make me fat if I go there regularly haha :))

My packages arrived in an unexpected time!!! I was screaming and jumping like a fat little kiddo!

1st box: New heels from PLNDR!

I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t arrive before I leave for NY so I was so relieved when this arrived with the care package that my family sent me!

Wore this during our NY trip…so yeah you’ll be seeing more of it in the coming posts :))))

2nd box: Heart warming care package from the family! I was looking forward to this package for almost a month!!

Topshop goodies from the Dad and the Sissy!!! 🙂

Awesome iPhone case from

Thank you so much Klariz and Remo!!!

..and to Mikee to for sending the cutesy accessories!!! 🙂 *no picture*

Thank you so much Ate Raf!!!! <3 <3 <3

Love my batutsy so much!!

Jejekid’s artwork! He is so talented!!! I promise to buy you more awesome sketchpads and books!!!! 🙂

My cutesy side drawer!!!! 🙂

Teddy Bear from my batutsy!

Some random stuff that I made almost 2 weeks ago!

Family wall <3 🙂



My annoyed face. LMAO!

Top: Forever21

Skirt: Pink Manila

Excited to post NYC photos,

R <3 xx


Uptown Girls

07.21.12: Saturday Habit

So this would be one of those blogs where in I would just merely post an entry that looks like an album on Facebook – photos with captions. As much as I hate to do that, I just came back from an awesome day off in New York. So yeah, my head is still on the cloud and my body is just too eager to hug my bed!

Another awesome Saturday with these girls. And yes, it’s becoming a “ritual”…that we all LOVE to do! Yes? Hahaha

Rec Room and CVP for our Saturday!

Hotdog guy in Towson every weekend!!!

Hotdog at 1:30AM…and yes, mine’s plain cause I’m boring like that hahaha



Some quotable quotes from a simple but very insightful Culinary book that I’ve bought a year ago! 🙂 I love it when my mind is being refresh by the basics of humanity and passion (hahaha). But yeah,seriously..all I know is I’m so sleepy now that I am not sure if I am making any sense AT ALL!


Can’t wait to upload NYC photos,

R <3

Two is Better Than One

07.22.2012: Woodberry Brunch

My soul is floating in happy lalaland now. Seriously, my heart is so overwhelmed with so much joy right now that I couldn’t even sleep. I’ve just received the 2 packages that I’ve been waiting for and I’ll be bound to NY in less than 24 hours. How awesome is my life? You tell me :)) Anywaysy, I will try to update this blog as often as possible so my desktop will not be full of too much backlogs (again). You know what happens when I go on a trip — a lot of photos to be sorted out,resulting in gazillions of folders on my hard drive.

We’ve been wanting to have brunch in Woodberry after our dinner there almost 2 months ago. Upon seeing our schedule this week, we couldn’t help but immediately plan things. It was just too awesome and we just couldn’t not do anything! 😀

Rainy Saturday brunch! 😀

Woodberry…and its awesomeness! 🙂 Say hello to WK’s fireplace! It looks very beautiful at night 🙂

The restaurant is situated in a nice neighborhood..wait scratch that, it is situated in a neighborhood that would make you say “I want to live here”.

My cheddar grits

I have fallen in love with creamy and cheesy grits so yeah, I just couldn’t let this pass.

Homemade scrapple with egg,biscuit,beef fat fries and salad!

House Yogurt with Peaches and Honey Nectarine

Cause its yougurt with peaches!!

Woodberry’s Open Kitchen

Most of the photos kinda suck cause we were seated at the their second floor again. It would’ve been more awesome if we had a table near the open kitchen but whatevs, the experience is still priceless! 🙂


I bet most girls would agree with me if I say that, being treated like a Queen during our “crazy womanhood week” is one of life’s greatest rewards. Having someone who would do anything and not complain is something that I am blessed with. I swear, I could be the silliest and the worst woman in this beautiful world when I’m on my period (oh yeah, I just said it HAHA). And I am so grateful to have that someone who treats me like a Queen every single day. No matter how crazy or scary I would get 🙂

Random awesomeness during the week that I was reminded that I really am a woman! Hahaha

Went to Hamilton Bakery for their French Macarons,but sadly they were out of baby M’s for the day. Got myself a carrot cupcake and pecan upside down cake instead!

*Chowed down the carrot cupcake in just a few minutes..not to mention that its twice the size of a normal cupcake! OMG

Honey Dew Bubble Tea at work! From the chorvaers!

Tomato Soup x French Onion Soup by the person who spoils and make me fat!

Just because I was craving…crazy cause the weather was not “soup permitting” Haha

Made Tom Yum soup for our dinner!! #Happiness

Cooked seafood oriental for the girls yesterday! 🙂


Woodberry Outfit

Animal Print x Red peg! 🙂

Excited for NYC restaurant week,

R <3 xx

Ten Ten

07.17.2012: – Another Awesome Monday Off 

Hello World! WordPress is acting up lately, I’ve been trying to finish this entry for almost 4 days already 😐 The annoyance that I feel right now is just too blah for words! I want to blab and share more photos, but since this site is too slow for my life, all my creative juices are being sucked up. So yeah, don’t hate me please! 
1st part of our our day: HaHa food market! 3rd Asian Store that I’ve been to (discovered another 2 Asian Stores a few days after this visit)


Hopia for me!!! #HappyKid


2nd part: Gelato x Shopping in White Marsh

Third and best part of our day: Dinner in Ten Ten

Ten Ten is one of the top restaurants in Baltimore! So just imagine how excited I was for this 🙂

Love how the “alley” resembles of Harry Potter’s awesome London-ish scenery 🙂 

Pinot Noir

Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates

Stuffed with goat cheese and almonds, red pepper- chorizo sauce

This was AMAZING! This was filled with awesomeness I swear!! 🙂 I would have this any day!

Charcuterie Plate 
Selection of house made, imported and local charcuterie items, pickled vegetables, assorted mustards, smoked olives, crostini

Grilled Octopus Panzanella
Local red and green romaine, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, capers, focaccia croutons, olives, pepperoncini vinaigrette

– My firs time to try octopus!! Oh yeah NOM NOM

Grilled Shrimp and Grits
Maple braised greens, crispy pork belly, organic three cheese-poblano grits

I am so glad I ordered this! It was a battle between Grilled Lamb Steak or this, but since his Dad ordered the Grilled Lamb Steak already, I figured I should order something that is not from the land. Our server told us that this is a popular dish, and I agree! I love how they combined these simple ingredients to make a grand dish! This is beyond awesome. The grits is to die for! Very risotto-ish and creamy! And yeah, I ordered this because it has shrimps! Need I say more?:)


Asian Market finds!





Floral Dress: Forever21

Floral Heels: Journey

Pink X Black X Florals = Super girly look!

Wore them right away after paying. Haha

Obviously bought this dress because of the back detail. Haha :))


It was another amazing Monday off! I love how it gets better each Monday! 🙂

So excited for tomorrow and TUESDAY!,

R <3 xx

Brunch and Everything in Between

07.14.12 – 07.17.12 random heaps 🙂 

If I could defy my day in one word, it would be “acceptance”. I’ve been yearning for a beautiful New York schedule since our beach trip..but since life has its own way of unfolding beauty to us, I did not get it… but instead, I got a better and more awesome schedule than what I was hoping for! Oh yes, I cannot wait to talk about it and share everything that will transpire starting TONIGHT! 🙂

So yeah, I’ve just finished talking to my Sissy (and oh em gee, I badly miss her now 🙁 ) My head is on the cloud and my fingers are rushing to finish this entry. 

Saturday brunch in Clementine

Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake!! One of the best coffee cakes that I’ve ever had!! <3 Had to force him to take it away from me.. Hahaha

My “Midas” plate

. Mexican inspired omelette! “Nuff said.

Top and bottom from Terranova

Tuesday off with Charm at Chipotle! My forever favorite in Chipotle – grilled chicken salad with salsa!!! <3

 Red overload!! Goin’ crazy with red! <3

Saturday party night with BCC people!!! 🙂 Awesome night <3 🙂 With Jhade and pretty Lavinia 🙂

Charm dyed my hair towards the end of our day off! So happy!!!!! 🙂

Missing my sissy so so so bad!!!!

R <3 xx

Missing the Sissy

If there’s someone that I would love to be with right now, it would be my Sister. I would recently find myself wishing that she is with me here, being crazy together and just living the moment. She has always been my favorite partner, even though there would be times that she would get on my nerves or something (haha). Anywaysy, this would be throwback from the past and a random day from this month 🙂 So yadda yadda I have to type quickly or I’ll be late for work. Haha :))

Day-off with these girls! 🙂 It was awesome that we all have Tuesday off 2 or 3 weeks ago! 🙂 Sheila and Tara brought us to a nail salon! Oh how I missed getting my nails done!! Too bad I cannot go for a manicure… 😐

Fridays for lunch. YUM!

Shopped in Towson to end our day! 🙂 Awesome Tuesday off!!


This happened last 01.28.2012. Spent the morning of my sister’s debut in California Nails & Day Spa! 🙂

I love cutesy and girly nail salons!! It reminds me of how I love being a girl! Hahaha

Boobie and Lola

My Sissy and I loves getting our nails done together!! Nailaholics and California Nails & Day Spa are our favorite nail salons to date!!! 🙂

Favorite colors.. 🙂

I love Orly and OPI! But Chanel took my nails straight to happy land!!! 🙂 Too bad they don’t have it in CN&DS 😐

Beautiful location!! Overlooking KAtipunan and Ateneo!! 🙂 #KAtipunanRepresent HAHA

Way back when my hand was scar/torture free. I have granny hands now…I think :))

Spa the next day after my Sister’s debut! 🙂

…some random whatever photos while shopping with the Dad and the sibs 🙂

I miss opening a “star” every day with my Sissy! I would make her choose one and then I’ll open it!! Awww 🙁

I love you so much!!! I cannot wait to bully you again!!! Please go here next year!!!!!!!! <3

Missing the Sissy so much,

R <3 xx

I’d walk to you if I had no other way

Last part of our awesome trip last 07.08.12 – 07.10.12 🙂

I love ending a “chapter” with an outfit post. I don’t know why but I just like the hyped feeling of knowing that I will get to dress up again after a few days of posting an entry about style.

#NoEdit Embraced another bright and sunny day outside the state that I live in 😛

Just had to cover my ugly face :)) HAHA

Top: Honey Comb

Studded Leather Shorts: Forever21

Soft shades of pink and black for the day! 🙂

I love wearing this pair of heels every time I go to a new City!!! 🙂

Fell in love instantly when I saw this studded leather shorts in Forever21!! 🙂 So fab!

One of my favorite rings to date! 🙂

Tell me what you think 🙂

Can’t wait for our weekend trip (again).

R <3

Atlantic City: Continental

4th part of our awesome trip last 07.08.12 – 07.10.12 🙂

If there’s one thing that I would love end my day with, it would be dining out. There’s something about dining in a nice restaurant and eating good food that makes me realize how I love my life. I go gaga over food that makes my palettes go crazy. It puts me into a state of elation for days,and it never fails to remind me why I am very content with the decisions that I have made in my life – big or small, they all matter to me. 🙂

We headed to Caesars Palace after our shopping extravaganza! 🙂

“Steps away from the best shopping & dining in Atlantic City”

Dinner in Continental

We were supposed to have dinner in Caesars Palace’s Buffet but we got there 5 minutes later. I find it a blessing in disguise, cause this dinner wouldn’t be this awesome if we didn’t dine in Continental!

Some water thingy behind our couch. I love how the restaurant is surrounded with water, it makes you feel like you are eating in a modern beach hut or something 🙂

Beautiful restaurant indeed!

Say hello to our almost $200 dinner! Haha.

I don’t mind cashing out on food. I always think that it is one of the greatest rewards ever! 🙂

Cranberry Smash to start off my night

Wahoo Tacos

Fish tacos in soft and hard shell tortillas — I loved the mix of textures in one bite. I am addicted to tomatoes so I couldn’t let this pass, plus the salsa was definitely refreshing that it took me straight to wahoo wahoo land (whuuut? LOL )

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Just because I love lettuce wraps. :)) But anyway, this was so gooood! (Seriously, I couldn’t single out anything that we didn’t like)

Korean Pork Tacos

My little sweet and spicy tacos!! OMG I would do anything just to have this in front of me now. This was soooo good! I’m so glad I ordered this!

French Onion Soup Dumplings

THE BOMB!!! I swear this was the best dish that I’ve had that night! Cheesy French Onion filled dumplings….aaaah I NEED YOU NOW!!!! <3 <3 <3

Spinach Ravioli in Tomato Sauce for me! 🙂

Charm’s Arugula and Spinach Salad

Pad Thai

*so yeah most of the food photos are blurred because of the poor lighting and stuff like that. But whatever :))

Rose Ann’s Mushroom Flat bread.

Drizzled with truffle oil…my taste bud was dancing all night :))

Cheesesteak Eggroll

Cause the night just couldn’t be better!!! This was beyond awesome!!

BBQ Spareribs

Lovely fireplace in the middle..

Walked and shopped again at the boardwalk to burn off the calories. Haha

Inside Caesar’s Palace!!! 🙂

Gelato to end the night. Woopeeee!!!<3

Today is Monday (you know what it is).

R <3 xx

Atlantic City

3rd part of our awesome trip last 07.08.12 – 07.10.12 🙂

I couldn’t tell what I loved more about this trip – the beach or the crazy shopping that we did. We were in the middle of spontaneity and elation and there’s nothing more exciting than knowing that I get to  be on the road again in a week. Oh yes, more road trip entries in a week! 🙂

Hello Atlantic City 🙂

Where we shopped x Where we had dinner..#labo

I loved how to shops are situated in an open breezy location. It made our crazy shopping less tiring and more bearable :))

With Charm and Rose Ann – the roomies 🙂

For the Dad!! <3 🙂

Awesome finds!!

For the Sissssssy <3 <3 <3 Matching rings now 🙂

From the chorvaers 🙂

Fell in love instantly when I saw this baby!!

Will wear this more during the Winter 😛

Finally!!! Pink Curtains for the apartment <3

Improvised then boom! So happy it turned out preeeetty!! 😛

Certified Bath and Body Works addict!!! 🙂

(1) Living Room Wall Flower (2) Karen and Charm’s Wall Flower (3) Wall Flower in our room — super mega labo ko lang HAHA

Next Stop: Dinner in Continental at Caesar’s Palace 🙂

Excited for tomorrow,

R <3 xx

New Jersey: B-chin’ in Long Beach Island

Second part of our awesome trip last 07.07.12 – 07.10.12 🙂

I love going to the beach but I hate getting it just me? I bet not. But whatever, if it weren’t because of my sensitive face, I would’ve enjoyed the water and let the waves swish and smash my entire body. Haha 🙂 So yeah, I’ve just finished a late night shift again, so there will be less blabbing.

Hello Long Beach Island!

I’m a Madden Girl <3 Haha Continue reading “New Jersey: B-chin’ in Long Beach Island”

New Jersey: The Chicken or The Egg

First part of our awesome weekend trip last 07.08.12- 07.10.12 🙂 

“Have you seen the new schedule?We can go to New Jersey” are the words that I love to hear every time a beautiful schedule comes up! I don’t mind the long drive..I just want to stay away from this city even for just a few days..always! I love how things turned out during the entire trip. It was amazing and awesome combined. Wish we could just spend each weekend like this, please?

Had to work until 8:30PM that day. Lookie what surprised me when I opened the door 🙂

Beautiful view <3

First night together outside Cockeysville!

Good morning, weird face!

Stopped by Ron Jon to buy some beach stuff

Oh how I miss surfing!

Had brunch in the Chicken or the Egg.. Awesome place!

Awesome bone bucket

Wings as our starter..of course! Lol :))

My chicken taco salad that I did not get to finish cause it was HUGE for my life haha

Charm’s chicken slammer…as always :))

Rose Ann’s buffalo chicken salad

Some loaded fries that Charm ordered. This was amazing!

Mexican Scramble

Only that it’s not scrambled because he is too maarte that day :)) Scrambled filling with 3 sunny-side up eggs

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie in Long Beach Island

Next Stop: Beach Photos

Having a fun time in the apartment,

R <3

Some kind of an epic night

The first week of July was beyond awesome for words. I’ve gone out thrice after work and spent my weekend out of town. How superdupermega awesome is that? Seriously, the word “awesome” is an understatement. Anyway, this was what transpired last 07.06.2012. First Friday of the month! 🙂

Epic night with the ladies of Cockeysville. Lol :))

Went Downtown to have some cray cray night!

Minus Rose Ann and Charm

Fun-filled night with these gorgeous ladies! Enjoyed dancing with them!!! <3

Went to JT’s “hood” (lmao) after our fun-tastic night downtown!


Insert funny captions here

With ze #JejeMaster of USA!

Top: Silence x Noise


Okay, don’t judge me. I know I’ve been nothing but busy and lazy lately. My life is always on the run and my words are deeply corrupted in happy and exciting thoughts that I couldn’t translate…yet! I’ve just had the most awesome weekend and I cannot wait to narrate it to this awesome online diary SOON! I am thinking about the plans that are ahead of me as I type and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing blessings that I have been receiving since day 1.

I am still me,world. I am still crazy and weird in my own way. I exist and I live to be a better person each day…or at least I try to (I kid). :)) Anyway, my head is all over the place now. I can’t believe that I have to snap back to reality now and wait for another Monday to come soon. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I talk about time, it reminds me of how uncertain things will be in the end, my future has never been this blurry until 2 months ago…blurry in a beautiful way if I may say.

So yeah, here’s a random backlog from earlier this year. This happened a few days before I departed from the Philippines.

Simple dinner with the fambam in Crisostomo in Eastwood.

Yes, after 4 months of living here… I finally miss Filipino food!!!!!!! OMG #intense

Buko (coconut) shake! My love!

Crispy Pata

Filipino ensaladas!! Yum

Grilled Squid…I died!!!! Please crawl into my bed now

Sauteed kangkong 

Kare-kare… BOOM! The death of me.

Sago’t gulaman. Must make some SOON!

So yeah, I’ve realized that the more I talk about Filipino food,the harder it’ll be for me to sleep tonight HAHA. Skipped the blabbing on this entry!

Luggage shopping with the family!

I miss hanging out in Eastwood with my girlfriends and siblings!!!

Daddy loves to watch and listen to this pianist every time he is scheduled to play in Eastwood

Random food discoveries in Eastwood’s weekend food bazaar…that I miss so much!


Was not really planning to take outfit shots..but I think my Sissy was too bored so she took a lot of random photos! Including my outfit. So yeah, whatev. Haha 🙂

I must say, I like how this look turned out. I will be wearing this outfit again for sure! Just because it’s kind of perfect once it starts to get cold in here again..Yes? 🙂

Embracing a beautiful schedule this week,

R <3

Cupcake Thingy

07.03.2012 outfit: I wouldn’t elaborate how beautiful the weather was that day. I think I have already stressed out the fact that we have been always blessed with a lovely weather almost every time we are off. Anyway, nothing depresses me more than having less time for myself and everything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that ever since I have been drowned at work, I feel like I need to do things rapidly cause there wouldn’t be any sufficient time for life and whatnots. whatevs, all I know is I’m excited to get off tomorrow night and hit the beach with the roomie on Monday!!!

I love wearing these pieces together!


Skirt: Forever21

Heels: Tonic

Dirty car. Euw?

What I get for busting my A off at work every waking day. Hahahahaha

Georgetown Cupcake

07.03.2012: MONdates

My first Monday for the month of July was awesome. I love how the planned everything for that day. There’s nothing like a man planning a date! I love getting picked up in the morning and knowing that no matter what, there’s an amazing day ahead of us.

My schedules just got released today and I am really excited for the coming week! My roommates and I are already planning lots of things to do to maximize our “free” time together. I only have a couple of minutes to post this entry before they start knocking on my door so yeah.. here goes.

Travel companions for the day – 2 honey dew bubble tea from SoYo! Yupppp, ALL FOR ME! 😛

First Stop: Tyson’s Corner in Virginia

Our favorite Culinary haven!! I never go out of this store empty-handed!

Tyson’s Gallery reminded me of Greenblet 5..only bigger and more upscale stores!

Quick lunch at  The Corner Bakery

Alluring pastries

Cinnamon Pecan Rugalach

My egg white vegetarian omelette!! #OmeletteLoving

The second part of our day-off: Georgetown Cupcake!!

Drove down to Bethesda for DC cupcake’s awesome goodies!

These cupcakes were all to die for!! I swear!!!

Made me miss my brother Remo so much!!! I swear someday my siblings and I would be here…and get fat together!

Outside their cutesy store!

The first cupcake I tried was their vanilla cupcake which was given to me by his sister! So happy I got to go to the actual store this time and enjoy more flavors with A.

Honey Banana

This took me straight to heaven and made me miss my brother Renzo so much! I bet he would love this as much as I did!

I love how their frostings are not too sweet but so so so creamy and perfect!

Hey babies!

Can’t wait for another Monday to come!! A has something beautiful in store for me!!!! <3

R <3 xx