Boom Boom Bang

Quick outfit post 🙂 I’m so excited to go out now!! The chorvaers planned something day-off worthy today! Yaysy 🙂

This has got to be one of the outfits that I would love to repeat or wear again.. but knowing me.. uhh whatever. Haha 🙂 (And I totally realize that I am not making any sense at all now)

I like how light these pieces are and how loud the print and colors are 🙂

Cutesy skirt from H&M

Pink x Black (again)

*My annoying smirk-ish face! Haha

Super girly day,don’t you think? Haha

MY face looks extra ugly!! It was so bright but I just couldn’t pass this bridge without taking a photo!

Paciugo on my right hand…and tummy! YUM!! <3

DC bound,

R <3 xx

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