4th Month :)

June 2012 photo dump 🙂 Random shenanigans for the month of June! Oh em gee, I can’t believe I’m on my 4th month today! I still have a massive list of things that I want to do, and places that I want to go. I know God will help me achieve all of it, in His perfect time 🙂

Weird “outfit” shots! :)))

Miss you bebe Nicole!! *spot me

Miss you, Lovely!

Some shao lin night outside te premises of our work place. Hahaha

Who goes to work wearing a pair of cutesy flats? Ri-Ri! Nyahaha

Had to borrow Nicole’s shoes for the day!

Received this book from the chorvaers! Funny how this was on my birthday wish when I turned 20! Oh yes, wishes do come true, you just have to be patient 🙂 Hahaha

Random dinner nights

I know you will hate me for posting this photo, Boobie! But I just miss how adorable you are and how crazy we would get when we are together!!! 🙂

I miss you all so much 🙁

Shopping day with ze babies 🙂 <3

Big event today,

R <3

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