Bonfire with my Honey Pigs

2 random bonding days with my favorite Honey Pigs! I can’t believe that they are back in the Philippines already and so far from me already 🙁 I miss hanging out with them outside work and having them around during the wee hours at work! Oh well, there is no really other way but to move forward.

This girl made me cry on the day of her departure

I miss Mille’s laugh. and her pretty face! I love how she made me feel that she cares for me even in a short amount of time haha :))

I wish I had more bonding days with Anthonine! This sweet girl is someone that I would treasure forever 🙂

I miss having Nicole around the kitchen. I miss her hugs and kisses and her sweetness 🙁

I miss Aya! She could pass as my sweet little sister. The kindest amongst their batch (hahaha). I miss her soft voice and I love seeing her happy and hearing her laugh!

Craziest person that I know. I miss Joy so much that I can’t even put into details all the crazy stuffs that she did while she was still here. I miss my Dr. Pepe so much!!! 🙁

..and of course Dada! The person that I love tp hug every time I get too tired, or just any time I feel like hugging someone! This girl gets me like she has known me for years already. She can tolerate my craziness and her sweetness never fails to make me feel like I’m home. I miss having someone to talk to about everything in the kitchen.

Pink x Blue peg


Random night downtown and in Ellicot City! Took the babies downtown for a “fresh walk” and to Ellicott City for a super late night Honey Pig fix

This is what happens when you try to fit 5 people in a two -eater back sit

I miss you babies 🙁 Come back to me!!

I wish I could buy more time..or just have an assurance. But no, life doesn’t work that way. And there is beauty in hope; and in patience 🙂

Sleepy and happy

R <3

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