Georgetown Cupcake

07.03.2012: MONdates

My first Monday for the month of July was awesome. I love how the planned everything for that day. There’s nothing like a man planning a date! I love getting picked up in the morning and knowing that no matter what, there’s an amazing day ahead of us.

My schedules just got released today and I am really excited for the coming week! My roommates and I are already planning lots of things to do to maximize our “free” time together. I only have a couple of minutes to post this entry before they start knocking on my door so yeah.. here goes.

Travel companions for the day – 2 honey dew bubble tea from SoYo! Yupppp, ALL FOR ME! 😛

First Stop: Tyson’s Corner in Virginia

Our favorite Culinary haven!! I never go out of this store empty-handed!

Tyson’s Gallery reminded me of Greenblet 5..only bigger and more upscale stores!

Quick lunch at  The Corner Bakery

Alluring pastries

Cinnamon Pecan Rugalach

My egg white vegetarian omelette!! #OmeletteLoving

The second part of our day-off: Georgetown Cupcake!!

Drove down to Bethesda for DC cupcake’s awesome goodies!

These cupcakes were all to die for!! I swear!!!

Made me miss my brother Remo so much!!! I swear someday my siblings and I would be here…and get fat together!

Outside their cutesy store!

The first cupcake I tried was their vanilla cupcake which was given to me by his sister! So happy I got to go to the actual store this time and enjoy more flavors with A.

Honey Banana

This took me straight to heaven and made me miss my brother Renzo so much! I bet he would love this as much as I did!

I love how their frostings are not too sweet but so so so creamy and perfect!

Hey babies!

Can’t wait for another Monday to come!! A has something beautiful in store for me!!!! <3

R <3 xx

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