Cupcake Thingy

07.03.2012 outfit: I wouldn’t elaborate how beautiful the weather was that day. I think I have already stressed out the fact that we have been always blessed with a lovely weather almost every time we are off. Anyway, nothing depresses me more than having less time for myself and everything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that ever since I have been drowned at work, I feel like I need to do things rapidly cause there wouldn’t be any sufficient time for life and whatnots. whatevs, all I know is I’m excited to get off tomorrow night and hit the beach with the roomie on Monday!!!

I love wearing these pieces together!


Skirt: Forever21

Heels: Tonic

Dirty car. Euw?

What I get for busting my A off at work every waking day. Hahahahaha

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