Okay, don’t judge me. I know I’ve been nothing but busy and lazy lately. My life is always on the run and my words are deeply corrupted in happy and exciting thoughts that I couldn’t translate…yet! I’ve just had the most awesome weekend and I cannot wait to narrate it to this awesome online diary SOON! I am thinking about the plans that are ahead of me as I type and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing blessings that I have been receiving since day 1.

I am still me,world. I am still crazy and weird in my own way. I exist and I live to be a better person each day…or at least I try to (I kid). :)) Anyway, my head is all over the place now. I can’t believe that I have to snap back to reality now and wait for another Monday to come soon. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I talk about time, it reminds me of how uncertain things will be in the end, my future has never been this blurry until 2 months ago…blurry in a beautiful way if I may say.

So yeah, here’s a random backlog from earlier this year. This happened a few days before I departed from the Philippines.

Simple dinner with the fambam in Crisostomo in Eastwood.

Yes, after 4 months of living here… I finally miss Filipino food!!!!!!! OMG #intense

Buko (coconut) shake! My love!

Crispy Pata

Filipino ensaladas!! Yum

Grilled Squid…I died!!!! Please crawl into my bed now

Sauteed kangkong 

Kare-kare… BOOM! The death of me.

Sago’t gulaman. Must make some SOON!

So yeah, I’ve realized that the more I talk about Filipino food,the harder it’ll be for me to sleep tonight HAHA. Skipped the blabbing on this entry!

Luggage shopping with the family!

I miss hanging out in Eastwood with my girlfriends and siblings!!!

Daddy loves to watch and listen to this pianist every time he is scheduled to play in Eastwood

Random food discoveries in Eastwood’s weekend food bazaar…that I miss so much!


Was not really planning to take outfit shots..but I think my Sissy was too bored so she took a lot of random photos! Including my outfit. So yeah, whatev. Haha 🙂

I must say, I like how this look turned out. I will be wearing this outfit again for sure! Just because it’s kind of perfect once it starts to get cold in here again..Yes? 🙂

Embracing a beautiful schedule this week,

R <3

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