New Jersey: The Chicken or The Egg

First part of our awesome weekend trip last 07.08.12- 07.10.12 🙂 

“Have you seen the new schedule?We can go to New Jersey” are the words that I love to hear every time a beautiful schedule comes up! I don’t mind the long drive..I just want to stay away from this city even for just a few days..always! I love how things turned out during the entire trip. It was amazing and awesome combined. Wish we could just spend each weekend like this, please?

Had to work until 8:30PM that day. Lookie what surprised me when I opened the door 🙂

Beautiful view <3

First night together outside Cockeysville!

Good morning, weird face!

Stopped by Ron Jon to buy some beach stuff

Oh how I miss surfing!

Had brunch in the Chicken or the Egg.. Awesome place!

Awesome bone bucket

Wings as our starter..of course! Lol :))

My chicken taco salad that I did not get to finish cause it was HUGE for my life haha

Charm’s chicken slammer…as always :))

Rose Ann’s buffalo chicken salad

Some loaded fries that Charm ordered. This was amazing!

Mexican Scramble

Only that it’s not scrambled because he is too maarte that day :)) Scrambled filling with 3 sunny-side up eggs

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie in Long Beach Island

Next Stop: Beach Photos

Having a fun time in the apartment,

R <3

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