Atlantic City

3rd part of our awesome trip last 07.08.12 – 07.10.12 🙂

I couldn’t tell what I loved more about this trip – the beach or the crazy shopping that we did. We were in the middle of spontaneity and elation and there’s nothing more exciting than knowing that I get to  be on the road again in a week. Oh yes, more road trip entries in a week! 🙂

Hello Atlantic City 🙂

Where we shopped x Where we had dinner..#labo

I loved how to shops are situated in an open breezy location. It made our crazy shopping less tiring and more bearable :))

With Charm and Rose Ann – the roomies 🙂

For the Dad!! <3 🙂

Awesome finds!!

For the Sissssssy <3 <3 <3 Matching rings now 🙂

From the chorvaers 🙂

Fell in love instantly when I saw this baby!!

Will wear this more during the Winter 😛

Finally!!! Pink Curtains for the apartment <3

Improvised then boom! So happy it turned out preeeetty!! 😛

Certified Bath and Body Works addict!!! 🙂

(1) Living Room Wall Flower (2) Karen and Charm’s Wall Flower (3) Wall Flower in our room — super mega labo ko lang HAHA

Next Stop: Dinner in Continental at Caesar’s Palace 🙂

Excited for tomorrow,

R <3 xx

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