I’d walk to you if I had no other way

Last part of our awesome trip last 07.08.12 – 07.10.12 🙂

I love ending a “chapter” with an outfit post. I don’t know why but I just like the hyped feeling of knowing that I will get to dress up again after a few days of posting an entry about style.

#NoEdit Embraced another bright and sunny day outside the state that I live in 😛

Just had to cover my ugly face :)) HAHA

Top: Honey Comb

Studded Leather Shorts: Forever21

Soft shades of pink and black for the day! 🙂

I love wearing this pair of heels every time I go to a new City!!! 🙂

Fell in love instantly when I saw this studded leather shorts in Forever21!! 🙂 So fab!

One of my favorite rings to date! 🙂

Tell me what you think 🙂

Can’t wait for our weekend trip (again).

R <3

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