Missing the Sissy

If there’s someone that I would love to be with right now, it would be my Sister. I would recently find myself wishing that she is with me here, being crazy together and just living the moment. She has always been my favorite partner, even though there would be times that she would get on my nerves or something (haha). Anywaysy, this would be throwback from the past and a random day from this month 🙂 So yadda yadda I have to type quickly or I’ll be late for work. Haha :))

Day-off with these girls! 🙂 It was awesome that we all have Tuesday off 2 or 3 weeks ago! 🙂 Sheila and Tara brought us to a nail salon! Oh how I missed getting my nails done!! Too bad I cannot go for a manicure… 😐

Fridays for lunch. YUM!

Shopped in Towson to end our day! 🙂 Awesome Tuesday off!!


This happened last 01.28.2012. Spent the morning of my sister’s debut in California Nails & Day Spa! 🙂

I love cutesy and girly nail salons!! It reminds me of how I love being a girl! Hahaha

Boobie and Lola

My Sissy and I loves getting our nails done together!! Nailaholics and California Nails & Day Spa are our favorite nail salons to date!!! 🙂

Favorite colors.. 🙂

I love Orly and OPI! But Chanel took my nails straight to happy land!!! 🙂 Too bad they don’t have it in CN&DS 😐

Beautiful location!! Overlooking KAtipunan and Ateneo!! 🙂 #KAtipunanRepresent HAHA

Way back when my hand was scar/torture free. I have granny hands now…I think :))

Spa the next day after my Sister’s debut! 🙂

…some random whatever photos while shopping with the Dad and the sibs 🙂

I miss opening a “star” every day with my Sissy! I would make her choose one and then I’ll open it!! Awww 🙁

I love you so much!!! I cannot wait to bully you again!!! Please go here next year!!!!!!!! <3

Missing the Sissy so much,

R <3 xx

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