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07.17.2012: – Another Awesome Monday Off 

Hello World! WordPress is acting up lately, I’ve been trying to finish this entry for almost 4 days already 😐 The annoyance that I feel right now is just too blah for words! I want to blab and share more photos, but since this site is too slow for my life, all my creative juices are being sucked up. So yeah, don’t hate me please! 
1st part of our our day: HaHa food market! 3rd Asian Store that I’ve been to (discovered another 2 Asian Stores a few days after this visit)


Hopia for me!!! #HappyKid


2nd part: Gelato x Shopping in White Marsh

Third and best part of our day: Dinner in Ten Ten

Ten Ten is one of the top restaurants in Baltimore! So just imagine how excited I was for this 🙂

Love how the “alley” resembles of Harry Potter’s awesome London-ish scenery 🙂 

Pinot Noir

Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates

Stuffed with goat cheese and almonds, red pepper- chorizo sauce

This was AMAZING! This was filled with awesomeness I swear!! 🙂 I would have this any day!

Charcuterie Plate 
Selection of house made, imported and local charcuterie items, pickled vegetables, assorted mustards, smoked olives, crostini

Grilled Octopus Panzanella
Local red and green romaine, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, capers, focaccia croutons, olives, pepperoncini vinaigrette

– My firs time to try octopus!! Oh yeah NOM NOM

Grilled Shrimp and Grits
Maple braised greens, crispy pork belly, organic three cheese-poblano grits

I am so glad I ordered this! It was a battle between Grilled Lamb Steak or this, but since his Dad ordered the Grilled Lamb Steak already, I figured I should order something that is not from the land. Our server told us that this is a popular dish, and I agree! I love how they combined these simple ingredients to make a grand dish! This is beyond awesome. The grits is to die for! Very risotto-ish and creamy! And yeah, I ordered this because it has shrimps! Need I say more?:)


Asian Market finds!





Floral Dress: Forever21

Floral Heels: Journey

Pink X Black X Florals = Super girly look!

Wore them right away after paying. Haha

Obviously bought this dress because of the back detail. Haha :))


It was another amazing Monday off! I love how it gets better each Monday! 🙂

So excited for tomorrow and TUESDAY!,

R <3 xx

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