Two is Better Than One

07.22.2012: Woodberry Brunch

My soul is floating in happy lalaland now. Seriously, my heart is so overwhelmed with so much joy right now that I couldn’t even sleep. I’ve just received the 2 packages that I’ve been waiting for and I’ll be bound to NY in less than 24 hours. How awesome is my life? You tell me :)) Anywaysy, I will try to update this blog as often as possible so my desktop will not be full of too much backlogs (again). You know what happens when I go on a trip — a lot of photos to be sorted out,resulting in gazillions of folders on my hard drive.

We’ve been wanting to have brunch in Woodberry after our dinner there almost 2 months ago. Upon seeing our schedule this week, we couldn’t help but immediately plan things. It was just too awesome and we just couldn’t not do anything! 😀

Rainy Saturday brunch! 😀

Woodberry…and its awesomeness! 🙂 Say hello to WK’s fireplace! It looks very beautiful at night 🙂

The restaurant is situated in a nice neighborhood..wait scratch that, it is situated in a neighborhood that would make you say “I want to live here”.

My cheddar grits

I have fallen in love with creamy and cheesy grits so yeah, I just couldn’t let this pass.

Homemade scrapple with egg,biscuit,beef fat fries and salad!

House Yogurt with Peaches and Honey Nectarine

Cause its yougurt with peaches!!

Woodberry’s Open Kitchen

Most of the photos kinda suck cause we were seated at the their second floor again. It would’ve been more awesome if we had a table near the open kitchen but whatevs, the experience is still priceless! 🙂


I bet most girls would agree with me if I say that, being treated like a Queen during our “crazy womanhood week” is one of life’s greatest rewards. Having someone who would do anything and not complain is something that I am blessed with. I swear, I could be the silliest and the worst woman in this beautiful world when I’m on my period (oh yeah, I just said it HAHA). And I am so grateful to have that someone who treats me like a Queen every single day. No matter how crazy or scary I would get 🙂

Random awesomeness during the week that I was reminded that I really am a woman! Hahaha

Went to Hamilton Bakery for their French Macarons,but sadly they were out of baby M’s for the day. Got myself a carrot cupcake and pecan upside down cake instead!

*Chowed down the carrot cupcake in just a few minutes..not to mention that its twice the size of a normal cupcake! OMG

Honey Dew Bubble Tea at work! From the chorvaers!

Tomato Soup x French Onion Soup by the person who spoils and make me fat!

Just because I was craving…crazy cause the weather was not “soup permitting” Haha

Made Tom Yum soup for our dinner!! #Happiness

Cooked seafood oriental for the girls yesterday! 🙂


Woodberry Outfit

Animal Print x Red peg! 🙂

Excited for NYC restaurant week,

R <3 xx

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