Random Thought # 1

I admire people who stands up for what they believe in; for what they want ; and for life.

I admire people who makes the most out of what they have.

Our life is too short to waste it on something that could corrupt your entire sanity – even for just a day.

Our life is too beautiful – don’t make a mess out of it.

*Just some of the words that I live by each day


I am glad that I am being raised by parents who let me understand what life is ; who let me define what life is ; and who guided me through life.

I am glad that I have a family who reminds me how amazing life is – no matter how far we are from each other.

Today, I realized that one can find happiness in every aspect of life – even at the saddest and ugliest days of life.

Today, I vow to continue in making each day awesome.


To Him who made each day possible ; each happiness worthwhile ; each sadness worth it.

To Him who showered me with overwhelming and priceless blessings – Life is You.



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