New York and The Girl: Unplanned Visits

07.25.2012: Dora the Explorer and Boots the Monkey

We are “conquering” New York day by the day. I do not want to rush into going to all the places that I must see in just a day cause I do not want to foresee anything.As I look back to the awesomeness of how we spend our NYC days, I can’t help but to wish for time to fast forward to the day that we get to be in NY again.

Flat Iron Art

I’ve been wanting to see this beautiful building since God-knows-when…but I didn’t know it would be that day!

Standing on a rock in the middle of the street..

Yellow Cab x Tall buildings = NYC lovin’

Passed by New York’s Public Library! Took the chance to change and see the beautiful facade! I must go back to see more of its beauty!!

Stolen shot..obviously HAHA

Some view across the library

So we literally walked the whole day – cause it’s the best way to see things when you “travel”. I am so glad we came across this place on our way to Central Park! It definitely made our day more New York-ish! #whuuut

PHL represent. HAHAHAHA

..another discovery while we were walking!! Couldn’t resist sweets.. #SweetToothProblems (lmao)


Pistachio x Vanilla French Macarons!! YUM!!!!!!!


So so so so sleepy,

R <3 xx

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