New York and The Girl: Spoiled

07.25.2012: She’s spoiled, and he’s dealing with it.

Second part of our afternoon – Rockefeller Center x Central Park x Topshop. So I will make this quick since it’s a Monday and I have to make each minute count today.


Central Park! The horses scared me…. OMG

Love this photo so much!!! 🙂

Trump International Hotel and Tower

I look lost and this was really a stolen shot..promise! Hahaha

But I like how the globe is above my reminded me that my heels will take me to beautiful places… hahaha echos! I’ll be travelling the world,it is written!

Topshop love foreveeeeer!

The chorvaers bought me a new pair of heels from Topshop!!! I’m so lucccccky!

Went to Paris Sandwich for afternoon snack and bubble tea time!!!


Caramel Flan

Going somewhere today,

R <3 xx

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