New York and The Girl: MORIMOTO

07.25.2012: Grandest Dinner…to date

The main reason why we drove all the way to New York was because of the restaurant week, it’s not everyday that we’ll get to eat in a fancy shmancy NY restaurant, so we took the opportunity of going there on our day off. We were supposed to have lunch in Boulud Sud but we didn’t make it to our reservation (boohoo). Anyway, I chose Morimoto because their website is so cool (HAHAHHA) #chos… but seriously, cause he is IRON CHEF MORIMOTO..and it’s Asian – win win situation we got there! 🙂 Thing is, they only offer their “prixe menu” for lunch so we what we had for dinner ws from their ala carte menu.

This was quite misleading, we thought it was just some exterior or something so we went inside Chelsea Market to find the “entrance” for the restaurant.

Yes kids, say hello to the awesome entrance of Morimoto’s restaurant in New York!

The place was packed with men in suite and ladies in couture dresses. The host who was wearing a very sharp outfit greeted us as we entered and confirmed our reservation. Such a scenic situtation that I would want to happen every single day of my fattie life. Hahaha

Eel and Avocado Roll

This was awesome! I was so hungry so I kind of munched down 3 sushi’s in just a minute or two. I love how the eel was glazed with teriyaki sauce.

California Roll…NOMNOMNOM!

Chicken Ramen

This was the bomb!!! It was served simply – chicken;noodle;onion; and broth. But, it tasted like it has a thousand ingredients in it! the broth was so flavorful that I swear, I could eat this everyday! *drooling*

Line Caught Halibut

black bean sauce, shaved ginger, hot oil

The doneness of the fish made this dish exceptional!

Duck, Duck, Duck

foie gras croissant, roast duck, soft duck egg, red miso sauce

I wish I could’ve taken more pictures inside, but I do not want to look like a capital I or something so whatevs. The beauty of the restaurant will always remain in my mind…and heart HAHAHA

Quickly Bubble Tea to end our night! 2 for me of course :))))

Tired and sleepy,

R <3 xx

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