Of missing out

Backlog: First of March 2012

One thing that really pulls me down since I’ve been here is the actuality of missing out on important moments for our family. It has been almost 3 days already since my brother’s 20th birthday, and I’m just 3 days away from missing another happy moment – my Dad’s birthday. I am the daughter slash sister who made sue that I will always be there in every event for our family, even if it would be just a random school activity or whatnot. It really breaks my heart to sacrifice a full year of being away and let each event pass with us not being together.

So whatever-ever-chorva (haha). Here’s a very memorable day that I would always love to look back to 🙂

Antipolo Church – home of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

I miss going to the church with my family 🙁 Especially with my Dad!

Our trip to Antipolo will not be complete without trying their local and simple food outside the church!

A must every time we go to the church 🙂

Received a present from Ate Raffy and a sweet letter from Tita Weng <3 <3 <3

Hello Kitty love <3

Last dinner with the family before I left! 🙁

Chose a nice and innovative Filipino restaurant since I know I’ll be missing Filipino food a lot

Tuna Salad

Duo of encrusted sesame-peppered tuna and sashimi with crispy tempura bits and wasabi mayonnaise

Everything grilled in a platter! YUM! Oh how I miss charcoal grilled food!!!


Must cook this baby soon here in the apartment! I miss

Adobo ala Florabel

Florabel’s take on our Filipino dish adobo – served with kesong puti YUM!

Crispy Pata aftermath haha

Went to Borough for dessert! 🙂

One of the best cookies that I’ve ever had!!! <3 I miss!!!

Animal-ish  day for us! 🙂

Family <3

Went to KoKo for an after dinner bonding with my cousins x aunts 🙂


Outfit of the day 🙂

I miss you Zara heels!!!

Sleepy and tired,

R <3


701 Restaurant

08.20.2011: Dinner for our 4th

One weird fact about me is I love white tablecloths. I am such a sucker for restaurants who has tables with a full set-up and white tablecloth. I feel like it is nice to eat in a neat looking dinner table,so one  factor that we look at when we eat out during our fancy days are “tablecloths”. Weird…I know :))

701 restaurant has one of the classiest interior design that I have seen. The place is very perfect for corporate people who works nearby 🙂

Homemade breads to start off our dinner 🙂

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Basil Pickled Peaches, Caramelized Banana Peppers, Star Anise Cracklings

Albacore Tuna Tartar
Tomato Water Ponzu, Snap Peas, Radishes

Homemade Basil Spaghetti with heirloom tomato and ricotta cheese

The pasta is at its perfect doneness and the basil flavor spaghetti is just too amazing for my life! Simple dish turned into something awesome 🙂

Sockeye Salmon
Corn, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Shrimp, Bacon, Leeks, Sorrel Sauce

Semi Sweet Chocolate Truffle Cake
Smoked Salt Caramel Ice Cream, Caramel-Coffee Gel, Crispy Rice

This was too perfect for my life!! I can’t even….. Aaaah, it still haunts me at night. I just want this every single day. The ice cream was so amazing with the truffle cake. The consistency and everything just made my soul float up to cloud 9. I loved this so much!!! <3 🙂


Blueberry Cobbler


The reason why I bought this dress…. :))

It rained so I had some wet spots on my dress…euw


Time to relax and unwind this week aka ME TIME,

R <3 xx

Washington DC: FOURever21

08.20.2012: Advanced for the fourth

What I love about my location now,apart from the fact that it’s a rich state is the idea of just being minutes or hours away from most of the beautiful places here in the States. One of which is, Washington DC. I love DC for its food and how it boldly teaches us about America’s history. This place is very rich in beauty and they have ZARA!! Lol :))

Started our trip in DC’s Chinatown (of course LOL)

Best General Tso’s chicken that I’ve had!!! 🙂

My fortune cookie was very accurate!!! 😛

visited a couple of museums after lunch 🙂 Photos below:

Best part of our museum time!! Scavenger hunt!! <3

Pins as our prize for finishing the “hunt” 🙂

This area is very beautiful!! Saw a lot of youngsters hanging out with their laptop/books 🙂


Julia Child’s kitchen is finally open!!! 🙂 So happy!

First ice cream truck experience. LOL

I know my blog had a little downtime, but I hope this won’t keep you off or bored or whatever-ed (HAHA) :)) I’ll try to move away from my boring side and blab more..more..and more! 🙂

Hoping to be somewhere 3 hours away from here SOON,

R <3 xx


SuperDuperBackLog: 08.22.2011 

Don’t you just love reminiscing about happy moments? Especially moments that made an impact in your life. It was a year and a day ago from now when something big happened and made an impact in my changed life. To some, graduating could be just about going up the stage and embracing a stress-free life. To most of us,it could be a stepping stone. But to me, it’s a gift, a blessing. I wasn’t really excited to graduate for myself, if I have the option to stay in school I would. I like deadlines, I feel like I have something to look forward to, it defies “aim or goal” to me. I was more excited to graduate for my parents. I may not be the best student that you may know, but one thing is for sure, I made sure that my parents would be proud of me when I graduate while I was in Culinary School. I just love the idea of making them proud, it’s a commitment that I have made to myself.. And yes, I still look forward to making them proud every single day. No matter how far I am right now, or how busy I could get.

I could still feel the joy that I felt during my graduation up until now. The overwhelming feeling of seeing my parents go up the stage thrice,and the look on their faces every time they would hear my name is just too priceless. That day commenced a lot of opportunities and realizations to my life. And I will forever uphold the joy and gratitude that He blessed me upon 🙂

Random snaps during our Commencement Exercises 🙂 

not your typical graduation.. ours is more awesome. LOL




My teary-eyed Lola 🙂 I miss you so much!!!

I love you so much Daddy!!!

From my sweet jeje-brother,Batutsy!! 🙂

We will all make our parents proud 🙂

Tarp edited by Klariz and Remo <3 <3 <3

Bestfriend and I


A lot has happened in a year, but one thing that will never change in my life is this joyous moment. Everything happened because of Him. 🙂

Missing the family…

R <3 xx

Feed The Pig

08.16.2012: I kinda feel like jogging now

Last week was kinda crazy for me, apart from the fact that most of my time each week is for work, I was also busy making each moment count a.k.a pigging out!

Soyo – my favorite place in Cockeysville <3 🙂

Finally tried El rodeo in Towson! I’m such a sucker for Mexican food. #OlaChikka #LMAO

Festive decors!!! 🙂

Chips x Salsa. My favorite!!! 🙂

Wings for our appetizer. Yum!

Fried to perfection, not overcooked unlike most restaurants that serve wings.

Vegetable Fajitas

I should’ve ordered something else. I went to the right place,but ordered the wrong dish. So much for being a conscious freak. Haha

Beans x Pico De Gallo x Guacamole x Rice x Tortilla

Sides for the Fajitas!

Some overloaded burrito!

Some quaint park in Towson! 🙂

One of the reasons why I love Towson!

Urban Outfitters lovin’

Cutesy cutesy!!!

Addition to my piggy collection :@)

So grateful that we were able to try this restaurant before the week ended! 🙂

Rotating Sushi Bar! OH EM GEE <3

What we got…

Most of the sushi’s that we got were good. They have a huge array of choices and I swear, I wanted to try all of it. If only I was skinny enough to eat everything I want, I would. I still find rice evil for it makes me look like a pig. and yes, I do understand that I sound so maarte now. But just so you know, that’s how I roll…like a sushi roll. #OMG #CORNY #CRAZY

9 plates for 2 in just 30 minutes!

Orane Buttercream x Kahlua cupcakes!

I SWEAR! THESE BABIES ARE THE BOMB! They were so moist and yummy!! Drooling right now…… YUM


Driving to Washington DC today,

R <3 xx

I scream “TRAVEL”

08.14.12: Awesome Monday

I feel like my head is about to shut down in just about 15 seconds, as much as I want to make this a happy post, I feel like I’ll just turn it into a sappy and boring entry. So before I do so, I’ll just let my fingers do the job. #headache

I fell in love instantly when I saw this top in H&M

Went to Annapolis Mall for some tax free shopping.

It was quite disappointing cause I felt like they hid all the good stuff because of this week long tax-free event. Boohoo

Aztec day again! 🙂

Wore this awesome airplane necklace from my siblings! Looks perfect with my ” I LOVE LONDON, NEW YORK, PARIS” top! Don’t you think?:)


Went to Sheila’s going away backyard party after shopping! 🙂

I know I look horrible in this photo, but I will def miss you babycakes!!! We make a good team (hahaha) and I’ll miss working with you 🙁

Scents from Bath and Body Works x Undies from Victoria’s Secret

Love at first sight

My pink knife bag!!!!

Thank you chorvaers!!!!!!!!!



Rearranged ze room! (a habit that is hard to break lol)

Pink lamp from the chorva!!!!!

Furry box that is hard to resist.. another stuff from the chorva! lol :)))) I’m such a spoiled baby!

Dealing with a headache now,

R <3 xx

Stalking Horse

08.12.12 – Horse x Shoe(s)

I’m hungry and I feel bad for not updating this blog as often as I could. Anyway, my words are somewhere and I couldn’t seem to find it. All I know is, I’m excited to be off tomorrow!! I cannot believe how time flies, after tomorrow I’ll be embracing another weekend again. How awesome is that? And then another Monday!!!

Saturday habit with ze girls 🙂

Loving the background!

Always a fun night with them!!

Cray cray night as usual!

Blue x Tangerine Peg!!!

Heels: Forever21

Top: Muffin clothing

Clutch: Accessorize

Bought this topbecause of the heart-shaped buttons! Lol


Shoe addiction

Oh yes!

Was so excited to open the box!!!

One of my favorite

After 203 months, I finally had a size! 🙂

Love the awesome box!!!

Can’t choose what color to buy, so I bought both!!! hahahah

colors of summer <3

Heading out for some sushi lovin’ now,

R <3 xx

Sweet Nothings

Backlog: Random heaps before I left last March 2012

Random photos that I found in my camera. Since I do not have anything to post yet, I’ve decided to post an entry about these photos ,before they get boring and too whatever for everyone’s interest haha 🙂 Anyway, since exciting stuff is going to happen starting tonight, I will be able to flood my desktop with folders that I need to work on again. So yadda yadda, my head is somewhere far and my body is too excited to go out tonight!!! Woopee

Topshop flats from Singapore. Miss this baby!

some keepsake that I will forever cherish 🙂

“choose love, be fearless” 🙂

I love how Remo and Klariz knows what I like!! They always give me nice presents! heehee

Spinners from Remo and Klariz again. I swear, this is sooo awesome!!!! I love using this!

Cutesy pen from mi Sissy 🙂

My sissy knows me too well 🙂

Love using this wipes from Beauty Bar!!!

Shoes from Remo and Klariz!!! Another present from the power couple 🙂 <3

Scarf from my Batutsy!

It’s really amazing how my siblings know me!! I am truly blessed <3


Necklace made from bottle cap! 🙂

KoKo date with ze girls after my dental operation! So yeah, that explains ze thingy on my face haha 🙂


Hungry Cow was disappointing. The cake shakes were too bland it lacked flavor 😐 Boo

Rushing out,

R <3 xx

Make Dreams Come True

08.04.2012: First Saturday

I spent the first Saturday of the month like a fat kid that never runs out of energy. Lunch out – Work – Night out with the girls, my kind of Saturday if I may say. Today, I’ve decided to keep it on the down low by just relaxing here in the apartment (alone)  and have some peace and quiet for I will be embracing a fully loaded (but still awesome) week. Times like this makes me realize and ponder about life. Like,where I want to be after this, what I want to do and how will I make things last. As vague as it may all seem, all I know is that our big guy up there is creating a beautiful path for me,and all I know for sure is that I will do everything to make things happen.

All pink hangers! Say hi to my closet <3

Saturday lunch..YUM

Beef with Broccoli x Szechuan Shrimp

Roasted Duck Soup x Shu Mai x Orange Chicken

Warm towel after meal. Sweet!

Fortune Cookie

Mine was boring and irrelevant. So whatevs


Hey,Jhade 🙂 One of the best girlfriends that I have 🙂

Fun night with ze girlies!

Charm curled my hair! Yay! Can’t wait to curl it again 🙂

Excited for another Saturday fun night with ze girls,

R <3 xx

Pasta Plus..and plus,and plus!

08.03.2012: Thursday Thur-gether

I’ve been on a minor hiatus for quite some time..again, I know! I’ve been juggling life and work lately (not complaining, of course!). I’ve been preoccupied with some last minute errands aka SHOPPING! I’ll be sending another box of love this week and I am very excited to see my siblings be extra happy again this week.

Anyways, here’s how I spent my day off last week. I am having another awesome week ahead! “We planned” a good amount of pig-out trips, I hope my body will not give up on me…. or loathe me. Haha

Baked Apple-Cinnamon Muffins for the first part of our morning. We did Ina Garten’s recipe and it turned out really good!

YUM!! Apple and Cinnamon are really perfect together <3 Definitely one of the best flavor combinartions 🙂

We went to Arundel Mills to go shopping. This mall is so HUGE you can find everything that you want. Did I mention it’s an outlet?? So yup! Cheap prices in every store.

Ever since we started dating, A has been telling me about Pasta Plus. Since we work together, we really can’t find time to go there for dinner. Lucky us! We have the same days off this week 🙂

Plus points for warm bread!! 😀

House Salad

Cozze with white wine sauce

The sauce was beyond divine!!! I swear I’m drooling now. The light but very flavorful sauce definitely jump-started our dinner.

Squid Ink Homemade Pasta with Seafood

Gnocchi Verde – Spinach with onions, peas, and mushrooms in cream sauce

This was OHHHH-some!!! I would love to have this any day.

Eggplant Parmigiana

This was humongous! Definitely good for sharing. If I was hungrier, I would have been able to finish the entire thing cause it was soooo good! Layers of mouthwatering tomato sauce, cheese, and eggplant. YUM!

Definitely one of the best dinner dates ever <3



Heels: Aldo

Skirt: Wet Seal

Necklace from the sissy 🙂 <3


The best part of my day! 🙂 The shoes that my brother designed on NikeiD.com has finally arrived!!! Can’t wait for him to get it!!! <3 <3 <3

Shopping Finds

More clothes = more hangers lol

For the siblings!!! <3

R <3 xx

5 down, 7 to go <3

08.03.2012: 5th Month

5 months, but it still feels like yesterday.

5 months,but I’m still saying the same words

5 months down, 7 to go.

What I am not excited this month is the fact that I’ll be missing my brother Remo’s 21st birthday. If only I could be in two places at one time, I would. I want to cross out the idea of missing a beautiful story in my family’s life. If only I could see them any minute I want, I would. If only we could all be together for the rest of our lives and not be away from each other even in a split second. And no, this is not the lonely bones talking..don’t worry, I am more than okay. This is just a normal thing of missing the family and wanting to bully the siblings and just merely exist for the parentals. Hahaha. So yeah,here are some random heaps from the month of July! 🙂

Lookie what happened to this account on the last day of July!! 🙂

500 likes, thanks everyone!!!!!!! <3 This is beyond flattering!

Had lunch in Riptide by the Bay on the last Monday off for the month of July:)

Hello downtown! 🙂

Shrimp Pot stickers 

Chicken Tacos with Queso Blanco

Beef Tacos

Gelato for dessert. YUM!

Shopping after lunch 🙂


Outfit for the day!

Top x Shorts: Forever21

Black x Pink..again :))

Awesome rings! One for the Sissy and Moi! 🙂

Awesome buys for the day 🙂

Best thing that I bought for the apartment!!! 😀 If you’re my friend on Facebook, you would know why I wouldn’t want to use our dishwasher anymore!!! 🙂

So yeah, it was another amazing month. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the happenings for that month. It gets better every day and all I could think of now is how I want my sister to have the same experience that I am having now. 🙂 Thank you, Lord for blessing me more and more each day 🙂

Hello August,

R <3 xx

New York and The Girl: Princess of China

07.25.2012 – I know it’s a very odd title, I’m just too hooked on that song! Lol

Last post about our NYC trip last week. I can’t help but wish to be in New York now. As I wrap up another New York chapter in this blog, I’ve come to realize that life has been nothing but amazing to me this past year, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Anywaysy, I am embracing an awesome day-off today! What a way to start the month of August 🙂

Heart x Love sling bag. Was so excited to use this!! 🙂


Lace x Strong colors for the day! 🙂


Accessories from Forever21

Lace see through dress: forever21

Inner boob tube: topshop

Low cut wedge booties: PLNDR


The real reason why I feel like a Princess!!! 🙂

Lookie what the chorvaers bought me at Topshop,New York!!! a new pair of awesome babies!! <3 <3 <3

Some of the stuff that I bought in NYC! Most of it are for the Sissy 😛


Hoping for a nice schedule next week,

R <3 xx