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08.04.2012: First Saturday

I spent the first Saturday of the month like a fat kid that never runs out of energy. Lunch out – Work – Night out with the girls, my kind of Saturday if I may say. Today, I’ve decided to keep it on the down low by just relaxing here in the apartment (alone)  and have some peace and quiet for I will be embracing a fully loaded (but still awesome) week. Times like this makes me realize and ponder about life. Like,where I want to be after this, what I want to do and how will I make things last. As vague as it may all seem, all I know is that our big guy up there is creating a beautiful path for me,and all I know for sure is that I will do everything to make things happen.

All pink hangers! Say hi to my closet <3

Saturday lunch..YUM

Beef with Broccoli x Szechuan Shrimp

Roasted Duck Soup x Shu Mai x Orange Chicken

Warm towel after meal. Sweet!

Fortune Cookie

Mine was boring and irrelevant. So whatevs


Hey,Jhade 🙂 One of the best girlfriends that I have 🙂

Fun night with ze girlies!

Charm curled my hair! Yay! Can’t wait to curl it again 🙂

Excited for another Saturday fun night with ze girls,

R <3 xx

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