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Backlog: Random heaps before I left last March 2012

Random photos that I found in my camera. Since I do not have anything to post yet, I’ve decided to post an entry about these photos ,before they get boring and too whatever for everyone’s interest haha 🙂 Anyway, since exciting stuff is going to happen starting tonight, I will be able to flood my desktop with folders that I need to work on again. So yadda yadda, my head is somewhere far and my body is too excited to go out tonight!!! Woopee

Topshop flats from Singapore. Miss this baby!

some keepsake that I will forever cherish 🙂

“choose love, be fearless” 🙂

I love how Remo and Klariz knows what I like!! They always give me nice presents! heehee

Spinners from Remo and Klariz again. I swear, this is sooo awesome!!!! I love using this!

Cutesy pen from mi Sissy 🙂

My sissy knows me too well 🙂

Love using this wipes from Beauty Bar!!!

Shoes from Remo and Klariz!!! Another present from the power couple 🙂 <3

Scarf from my Batutsy!

It’s really amazing how my siblings know me!! I am truly blessed <3


Necklace made from bottle cap! 🙂

KoKo date with ze girls after my dental operation! So yeah, that explains ze thingy on my face haha 🙂


Hungry Cow was disappointing. The cake shakes were too bland it lacked flavor 😐 Boo

Rushing out,

R <3 xx

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