I scream “TRAVEL”

08.14.12: Awesome Monday

I feel like my head is about to shut down in just about 15 seconds, as much as I want to make this a happy post, I feel like I’ll just turn it into a sappy and boring entry. So before I do so, I’ll just let my fingers do the job. #headache

I fell in love instantly when I saw this top inΒ H&M

Went to Annapolis Mall for some tax free shopping.

It was quite disappointing cause I felt like they hid all the good stuff because of this week long tax-free event. Boohoo

Aztec day again! πŸ™‚

Wore this awesome airplane necklace from my siblings! Looks perfect with my ” I LOVE LONDON, NEW YORK, PARIS” top! Don’t you think?:)


Went to Sheila’s going away backyard party after shopping! πŸ™‚

I know I look horrible in this photo, but I will def miss you babycakes!!! We make a good team (hahaha) and I’ll miss working with you πŸ™

Scents from Bath and Body Works x Undies from Victoria’s Secret

Love at first sight

My pink knife bag!!!!

Thank you chorvaers!!!!!!!!!



Rearranged ze room! (a habit that is hard to break lol)

Pink lamp from the chorva!!!!!

Furry box that is hard to resist.. another stuff from the chorva! lol :)))) I’m such a spoiled baby!

Dealing with a headache now,

R <3 xx

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