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08.16.2012: I kinda feel like jogging now

Last week was kinda crazy for me, apart from the fact that most of my time each week is for work, I was also busy making each moment count a.k.a pigging out!

Soyo – my favorite place in Cockeysville <3 🙂

Finally tried El rodeo in Towson! I’m such a sucker for Mexican food. #OlaChikka #LMAO

Festive decors!!! 🙂

Chips x Salsa. My favorite!!! 🙂

Wings for our appetizer. Yum!

Fried to perfection, not overcooked unlike most restaurants that serve wings.

Vegetable Fajitas

I should’ve ordered something else. I went to the right place,but ordered the wrong dish. So much for being a conscious freak. Haha

Beans x Pico De Gallo x Guacamole x Rice x Tortilla

Sides for the Fajitas!

Some overloaded burrito!

Some quaint park in Towson! 🙂

One of the reasons why I love Towson!

Urban Outfitters lovin’

Cutesy cutesy!!!

Addition to my piggy collection :@)

So grateful that we were able to try this restaurant before the week ended! 🙂

Rotating Sushi Bar! OH EM GEE <3

What we got…

Most of the sushi’s that we got were good. They have a huge array of choices and I swear, I wanted to try all of it. If only I was skinny enough to eat everything I want, I would. I still find rice evil for it makes me look like a pig. and yes, I do understand that I sound so maarte now. But just so you know, that’s how I roll…like a sushi roll. #OMG #CORNY #CRAZY

9 plates for 2 in just 30 minutes!

Orane Buttercream x Kahlua cupcakes!

I SWEAR! THESE BABIES ARE THE BOMB! They were so moist and yummy!! Drooling right now…… YUM


Driving to Washington DC today,

R <3 xx

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