SuperDuperBackLog: 08.22.2011 

Don’t you just love reminiscing about happy moments? Especially moments that made an impact in your life. It was a year and a day ago from now when something big happened and made an impact in my changed life. To some, graduating could be just about going up the stage and embracing a stress-free life. To most of us,it could be a stepping stone. But to me, it’s a gift, a blessing. I wasn’t really excited to graduate for myself, if I have the option to stay in school I would. I like deadlines, I feel like I have something to look forward to, it defies “aim or goal” to me. I was more excited to graduate for my parents. I may not be the best student that you may know, but one thing is for sure, I made sure that my parents would be proud of me when I graduate while I was in Culinary School. I just love the idea of making them proud, it’s a commitment that I have made to myself.. And yes, I still look forward to making them proud every single day. No matter how far I am right now, or how busy I could get.

I could still feel the joy that I felt during my graduation up until now. The overwhelming feeling of seeing my parents go up the stage thrice,and the look on their faces every time they would hear my name is just too priceless. That day commenced a lot of opportunities and realizations to my life. And I will forever uphold the joy and gratitude that He blessed me upon 🙂

Random snaps during our Commencement Exercises 🙂 

not your typical graduation.. ours is more awesome. LOL




My teary-eyed Lola 🙂 I miss you so much!!!

I love you so much Daddy!!!

From my sweet jeje-brother,Batutsy!! 🙂

We will all make our parents proud 🙂

Tarp edited by Klariz and Remo <3 <3 <3

Bestfriend and I


A lot has happened in a year, but one thing that will never change in my life is this joyous moment. Everything happened because of Him. 🙂

Missing the family…

R <3 xx

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