Washington DC: FOURever21

08.20.2012: Advanced for the fourth

What I love about my location now,apart from the fact that it’s a rich state is the idea of just being minutes or hours away from most of the beautiful places here in the States. One of which is, Washington DC. I love DC for its food and how it boldly teaches us about America’s history. This place is very rich in beauty and they have ZARA!! Lol :))

Started our trip in DC’s Chinatown (of course LOL)

Best General Tso’s chicken that I’ve had!!! 🙂

My fortune cookie was very accurate!!! 😛

visited a couple of museums after lunch 🙂 Photos below:

Best part of our museum time!! Scavenger hunt!! <3

Pins as our prize for finishing the “hunt” 🙂

This area is very beautiful!! Saw a lot of youngsters hanging out with their laptop/books 🙂


Julia Child’s kitchen is finally open!!! 🙂 So happy!

First ice cream truck experience. LOL

I know my blog had a little downtime, but I hope this won’t keep you off or bored or whatever-ed (HAHA) :)) I’ll try to move away from my boring side and blab more..more..and more! 🙂

Hoping to be somewhere 3 hours away from here SOON,

R <3 xx

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