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Backlog: First of March 2012

One thing that really pulls me down since I’ve been here is the actuality of missing out on important moments for our family. It has been almost 3 days already since my brother’s 20th birthday, and I’m just 3 days away from missing another happy moment – my Dad’s birthday. I am the daughter slash sister who made sue that I will always be there in every event for our family, even if it would be just a random school activity or whatnot. It really breaks my heart to sacrifice a full year of being away and let each event pass with us not being together.

So whatever-ever-chorva (haha). Here’s a very memorable day that I would always love to look back to 🙂

Antipolo Church – home of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

I miss going to the church with my family 🙁 Especially with my Dad!

Our trip to Antipolo will not be complete without trying their local and simple food outside the church!

A must every time we go to the church 🙂

Received a present from Ate Raffy and a sweet letter from Tita Weng <3 <3 <3

Hello Kitty love <3

Last dinner with the family before I left! 🙁

Chose a nice and innovative Filipino restaurant since I know I’ll be missing Filipino food a lot

Tuna Salad

Duo of encrusted sesame-peppered tuna and sashimi with crispy tempura bits and wasabi mayonnaise

Everything grilled in a platter! YUM! Oh how I miss charcoal grilled food!!!


Must cook this baby soon here in the apartment! I miss

Adobo ala Florabel

Florabel’s take on our Filipino dish adobo – served with kesong puti YUM!

Crispy Pata aftermath haha

Went to Borough for dessert! 🙂

One of the best cookies that I’ve ever had!!! <3 I miss!!!

Animal-ish  day for us! 🙂

Family <3

Went to KoKo for an after dinner bonding with my cousins x aunts 🙂


Outfit of the day 🙂

I miss you Zara heels!!!

Sleepy and tired,

R <3

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